Olivia makes a move.

In this week’s Throwback Thursday Soaps.com takes readers back to 1991 when Olivia Barber met Neil Winters…

Neil has yet another woman in his life, Leslie, since Dru, but back in the day Dru wasn’t Neil’s first choice. Olivia began bugging her sister Dru about a mystery boyfriend Dru claimed to have. Dru actually wanted Olivia’s fiancé Nast Hastings for herself and needed to find a man to act as her fake boyfriend. She enlisted Neil, a Stanford MBA graduate and an executive trainee at Jabot, to play the part – and to romance Olivia away from Nate.

Neil never planned on falling in love with Olivia during the scheme but did nevertheless. Olivia believed her sister’s boyfriend was developing feelings for her and took immediate action. After Olivia’s wedding to Nate, Dru and Neil grew close over their failed attempt at breaking up Olivia and Nate. And it wasn’t long before they fell in love themselves.

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