Restless Rant
December 15 – 19:

It’s been another good week at Y&R! There is some very compelling story-telling being done right now, and I find myself looking forward to what is coming next. I have even been taken slightly by surprise in a few instances, which I really appreciate – especially since it’s my job to read all the spoilers! Still feeling left in the lurch at times with storylines going missing for days at a time, though. It’s a phenomenon that I really can’t come to grips with – it’s jarring to suddenly be thrown back into a plot that you have literally almost forgotten about because it’s been MIA for the better part of a week! Think how disturbing that would be in a book, for instance! I find it a bit like being in the ‘Twilight Zone’ – whaaa, oh yeah, Ana’s still in a foster home; hey, there’s Phyllis and Nick – oh I remember now – they had a confrontation last week…

Lowell: Because I am so connected to Michael and his feelings, I really wanted the father thing to work out for him. I was taken aback by the fact that Lowell turned out to public enemy #1 after all, and found myself disappointed that the character was written that way. I had really enjoyed his interactions with Gloria, and with Michael, and wanted him to become part of the canvas permanently – or at least longer than five minutes! So, as much as the ‘twist’ was good for the story, I wish they hadn’t written the character into a corner. As for the scenes between Lowell and Michael – Emmy-worthy, all the way!

So, I really don’t get what is going on with Katherine! She has memories coming back one day, then absolutely nothing for the next couple of days. I can see that they are trying to keep her there long enough to bond with Murphy, but honestly, this story makes no sense to me anymore. The interaction between Katherine and Murphy is sweet, but she is so ‘Katherine-like’ at this point – the way she is styling her hair, the way she speaks, the way she stopped drinking ‘cold turkey’ – it would make more sense if the people closest to her were really questioning these things more! Are any of you wondering if the ring in the pawnshop will be the key to her being found? I am…

Jana and Kevin:
I know they need conflict, but it bothers me when they argue – I’m such a fan of this couple now! Greg Rikaart gets kudos for making the ‘dark side’ of Kevin so believable and scary! When he is going to that place, even Jana isn’t safe! Yowza!

Please. How believable is it that they would make one half of an engaged couple MOVE OUT, in order to provide a stable foster home?! Sorry, this is way too contrived. Furthermore, no matter what she is going through – Tyra has no business throwing herself into Neil’s arms for comfort every five minutes – it’s so obvious! Who could blame Karen for being seriously ticked off! This story just irritates me – but that’s probably what the writers are hoping for, so, there you go!

Heather/Adam: Adam was just dripping slime this week – wasn’t he?! It amazes me just how unlikable the writers have made Jr. at this point. All that love and mush he’d been throwing at Heather sure went down the tubes once she turned on him! She still appears to be suffering, as is logical, but he just looks at her with loathing now! Shades of his father, indeed! Having him arrested in front of Victor was sweet – as was Paul walking in with the Mexican bartender just when he had started mouthing off in the courtroom – great scenes! Adam has a long way to go to become a viable character again. Even if he felt maligned by the Newman family, it doesn’t justify him behaving like such an idiot – he’s getting what he deserves! Note: it was nice to see Heather turn to Paul – I enjoyed that, even though in my opinion, she owes him a couple of apologies!