Restless Rant
Week of February 4 – 8:

Enjoying “Y&R” more consistently these days – here are some thoughts on this week’s events:

Congressman on the case.
This entanglement with Wheeler, Leslie, Tyler, and Avery’s case is somewhat intriguing. I’m guessing the woman who worked in Wheeler’s campaign office that was killed was Tyler and Leslie’s mother. Obviously there was a cover-up, which is making Wheeler and Leslie/Valerie nervous. Questionable – how did Leslie put a change of identity over on Vance Abrams? As for Leslie and Neil – she seems to be having trouble keeping her resolve not to canoodle in the office – drawn together like magnets!

I will fight for you.
Cane’s sudden fervor for Chelsea and her designs felt a little out of left field. They have screwed-up mothers in common I suppose, but honestly the whole idea of Chelsea being this incredible designer is a tough sell. As for Neil’s outlook on Chelsea – he’s entitled to his opinion, but it was unprofessional to chew Cane out at the Club. As for Cane’s other half, Lily has seen a new side of Tyler, who was asking questions about her marriage this week. I got a kick out of him saying he’d never hit on a married woman – umm…

Jack in the Jabot.
Things may be getting too casual at Jabot. On Jack’s first day back he was impressed with Chelsea’s designs when Billy showed them to him, and pretty much said she was in – but didn’t tell Neil. Meanwhile, Neil’s too busy making time with Leslie to do much with regard to the fashion division, other than put Cane on notice for overstepping. At least he was working! It’s also a concern that no one in charge at Jabot knows much about fashion. Billy and Kyle have barely been seen at Jabot, and Phyllis and Jack spent most of her first day back at the Club and arguing over pills. Speaking of which, how did Kieran Donnelly get into the CEO’s office anyway? Seeing Jack paw all over ‘Red’ in his office made me feel embarrassed for him. His continued attempts to turn their relationship romantic are so uncomfortable to watch. Their sparring session with Victor was pretty entertaining though. Read’s interview with Daniel Romer, the actor who plays Kieran Donnelly.

Money, money.
So glad Adriana’s gone – hope she never returns with that stupid money. We learned Alex is her brother, and now that Noah knows he was played, hopefully he’ll move on from this mess. As for Chloe flirting with Alex – though I didn’t understand what she hoped to achieve, at least there were a few sparks – anything would be preferable to the dead zone she and Kevin inhabit.

Battling Baldwins.
What a treat this emotional drama has turned out to be – you can sympathize with each character’s feelings. Amazing. I’m leery about the turn it’s taking though – it’s becoming clear that Jamie is lying, so even though his desperation is understandable, he could end up being vilified. Here’s hoping it will play out so that Fen takes responsibility for his role in it and learns something, and Jamie gets help and understanding.