Resulting from Nikki’s lie.

In this week’s Throwback Thursday takes readers back to 1986/1987 when one of Nikki Newman’s lies set off a chain of events…

Nikki has postponed her Valentine’s Day wedding to Victor, but during one of the times when Nikki and Victor were separated she wanted nothing more than to fight for the man she loved. Even though Victor was in love with Ashley Abbott, who felt the same way about him, he rushed to Nikki’s side when news came that she had an incurable disease. Nikki soon went into remission but continued to let Victor believe she was dying so he would stay with her.

Ashley found out she was pregnant with Victor’s baby and had to sit back and watch as he stood by Nikki’s side. Victor’s brother Matt Miller offered to marry Ashley, for the baby’s sake, but she refused him. In fact, Ashley didn’t tell Victor about the baby and had an abortion. When Victor learned about Nikki’s lies he went back to Ashley and was furious to hear about the abortion.

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