Restless Rant
Week of January 28 – February 1:

It was a solid week for “Y&R,” with some of the storylines starting to really come together and move forward. There was some excellent emotional stuff happening as well. Here are some thoughts on the week:

I can handle it.
The bit with Sharon trying to push the Chelsea/Adam relationship doesn’t work. No matter who raves about how great Adam/Chelsea are together, it won’t be convincing. Sharon’s therapist telling her she shouldn’t be with Adam right now is also off – why shouldn’t she be with someone who is supportive and who thinks she’s amazing? It just seems like grasping at straws to throw up roadblocks, and it’s not very believable. It’s exciting that Sharon will fight with Adam against Victor, even though she’ll probably be the first casualty of the war – hope this isn’t the case and Adam gets Mason’s number. Speaking of the Adam/Victor war, how about that scene between them at the penthouse? Gasp! It’s a very difficult relationship/dynamic to get a handle on. Victor despises Adam, yet when he was blinded by Patty, Victor came to his aid from behind-the-scenes, which suggests he cares about him deep down. In the current circumstances, Adam thinks Victor should appreciate him because he’s able to offer him entrance back into Newman, however, I sense that perhaps Victor hates him all the more for being in that very position. Complicated indeed.

At this point it seems fairly obvious that Nikki’s either sick or pregnant, the latter being highly unlikely. It should be an emotional story that will force Victor to re-examine his priorities. Will he still focus on getting the company back when she needs him more than ever? Early in the week, Jack’s visit with Nikki was great – it was nice to see them get back on solid footing.

Intergalactic fantasizing.
Jack and Jabot are really rocking a feelgood vibe right now – kind of awesome and a nice change, although it bears mentioning that it’s bizarre that certain characters are suddenly qualified to work in the new fashion division. Anyway, it’s great that Billy’s back on board – wow, does it ever feel like a better fit for him than co-CEO at Newman! I love that this will bring Billy back into Cane’s orbit, and also hope to see more of Kyle, who has grown on me. Adding Phyllis into the mix will triple the fun! As for Neil and his bunch, I suspect Devon will take Tucker’s offer, and Neil will be drawn into Leslie’s drama from the past – which became much more interesting this week as it came to involve more characters and more was revealed. My guess is that the person Avery’s trying to free has something to do with Leslie and Tyler’s mother dying and their evil father. How Wheeler figures in remains to be seen. Tyler tried to convince Leslie to approach Wheeler about keeping ‘the bastard’ in jail – little do they know he’s already trying to have Avery pulled off the case. Hmm. It was great that we saw a vulnerable side to Tyler – finally – when he was trapped in the elevator. Lily was a great help to him using her mothering skills, which provided little opportunity for sparks to fly, but which bonded them a bit.

Wants her gone.
I was a bit taken aback over Victoria so vehemently wanting Chelsea gone from town this week, since we saw scenes in which they made their peace a while back. Vikki had already resigned herself to Chelsea staying in town after she married Adam, so why the uproar now?