What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

In this week’s Throwback Thursday Soaps.com takes readers back to 2007 when Cane Ashby was told he’d married Amber Moore…

Tyler isn’t very fond of Cane and would probably try to discredit him if he knew more about some of his past discretions, including his first marriage to Amber. Cane first appeared in 2007 when he made contact with Amber online, who was trying to help Katherine find Jill’s son.

Katherine remembered switching Jill’s baby boy soon after his birth with another child and giving a woman named Violet an expensive ring to make sure no one ever found out. Amber knew how upset Katherine was, faced with these buried memories, and became intrigued when talking to Cane online and finding out he was looking for his real mother – and that his adoptive mother had been named Violet.

Cane soon turned up in Genoa City after Amber shared some information with him, where the two became very close. Amber realized how much money Cane was set to inherit as Jill’s son and made a move to secure her own future as his wife. Amber suggested they get married so Cane wouldn’t be deported back to Australia. Even though he agreed, and headed to Vegas, Cane backed out at the last minute. Amber refused to let her meal ticket go, drugged Cane then later told him they were husband and wife.

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