Restless Rant
Week of January 21 – 25:

Jack’s addiction storyline wrapped up in a neat little package this week, leaving the brewing battle between Adam and Victor as probably the most compelling story moving forward. Also picking up steam is the conflict between Lauren and Michael, which given their temperaments, could be epic. Points from the week:

The rumors are true.
Jack Abbott certainly landed on his feet this time. His addiction is all under control, the dead prostitute situation was reduced to a mere inconvenience, he’s got a new lease on life where business is concerned, and his prospects of bedding Red again are looking promising. All seems a little too good to be true! I’m guessing Jack’s next big disappointment will come from getting involved with Phyllis again. She doesn’t love him the same way she does Nick, and at this point, any amorous attentions he’s getting from her are by default.

Money, money.
The missing/stolen money storyline continues to drag on. I’m over Noah complaining about Adriana, and was glad he decided to cooperate with Alex – though it remains to be seen if Alex is actually on the up-and-up or is, in fact, a dirty cop. Possibly, he’s a dirty cop, who was also Adriana’s drug-dealing boyfriend… As for Chloe and Kevin, if getting busted puts a stop to all of this ‘turned on’ stuff it can’t happen soon enough. It’s almost painful to watch couples with no chemistry in those kinds of scenes. Chloe had more chemistry with Billy when asking him to sell her a building than she’s had with Kevin at any point.

You don’t know me.
Tyler snapped a little on Devon this week – does he have hidden anger issues? In any case, while Neil kept busy not being professional with Leslie at work, and Devon began to question his career future, it began to emerge that Leslie and Tyler are guarding some sort of secret with regard to their past and are worried about it affecting the present – somewhat intriguing. In other news, Lily was too busy to meet Cane this week, which could be a hint of problems to come.

Revenge sex.
I’ll admit to being taken off-guard by Chelsea and Chloe checking out Cane while discussing the necessity for revenge sex. Considering Chloe’s history with him it was odd, but Chelsea’s reaction made for a funny moment.

She’s baaaack!
Christine rolled back into our lives this week and Paul immediately caught her up in the Genoa City’s teen intrigue. Christine, however, was more interested in having another go at Phyllis, which instantly felt tired – ‘been there done that’.