Jack and Jill’s affair and the shooting that followed.

In “The Young And The Restless” history, the 1980s, Jack Abbott (then played by Terry Lester) was convicted of shooting Jill Abbott (then played by Brenda Dickson) after sleeping with her twice…

These days Jack (now played by Peter Bergman) intends to make amends with his beloved family but years ago he had a whole other fight on his hands. Jack was one of Genoa City’s biggest playboys back in the day and quickly started pursuing Jill (now played by Jess Walton), who’d been hired at the family company. Not only did Jack want to get close to Jill, he wanted to impress his father and took a job at Jabot to do so.

Jill wasn’t interested in the younger Abbott as much as she was his father, John Abbott, who returned Jill’s attraction. Though John planned for the two of them to go away together, he ultimately cancelled their plans, not yet ready to become involved with another woman. Jill was hurt and ended up in bed with Jack. However, the very next day Jill found out, through a letter that John had left her, that he had a change of heart and wanted to be with her. Unfortunately, she hadn’t realized John had seen her in Jack’s bed after writing it.

It took a while, but Jill managed to gain forgiveness from John, who ended up marrying her. Jill and Jack ended up in bed yet again, and she later found out she was pregnant. Jill took a fall, miscarried and never found out if the baby was John or Jack’s. John divorced Jill but gave her shares in Jabot in order to keep the scandal a secret.

If that wasn’t enough to cause quite the family rift, Jack became the prime suspect when Jill was shot. He was convicted and sentenced to community service. It wasn’t until the real shooter was revealed to be Jill’s former masseur, Sven, when Jack was exonerated. In fact, Jack, along with Paul Williams’ father, Detective Carl Williams, ended up saving Jill, who Sven had kidnapped and held captive in a meat locker.

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– Amy Mistretta