Restless Rant
Week of January 14 – 18:

As with last week, the most interesting storylines involved Jack and those embroiled in the drama surrounding Newman Enterprises. Jamie’s continued inability to catch a break definitely tugged at the heartstrings too. This week’s thoughts:

It might be kinda’ hot.
Noah is very hot. Noah and Adriana have had some hot scenes. The problem is that few can see why Noah would be so irresistibly attracted to her. I’m often drawn to underdogs/edgier characters, but so far Adriana hasn’t twigged anything like that, nor has her story been of much interest beyond briefly wondering what her true connection to Alex might be. By the way, couldn’t believe poor Summer was upstairs sick while Noah and Adriana were getting it on!

Honeymoon suite.
I have to say it was satisfying seeing Lily give Tyler attitude – his endless stream of rhetoric was definitely getting annoying. Lily set up a trail of clues for Cane that led to a romantic rendezvous in the honeymoon suite at the Club. Thankfully, someone at Y&R seems to be starting to recall how to pen a passionate scene, as we were privy to some interaction beyond ‘going up the stairs’ and ‘clutching blankets to chests in the afterglow’. There may be hope. Some viewers are concerned that for Lily and Cane this interlude may have been their one last hurrah before things begin to crumble. Probably a good bet.

Background check.
What’s up with Leslie and Tyler whispering about covering their tracks and worrying about people running background checks? It’s pretty unbelievable to think that Leslie would be involved in anything sordid – after all she worked for Vance Abrams for eons. Wouldn’t he have had her checked out? In any case, I haven’t decided how I feel about them being potentially shady or on the run. What I do know is that Leslie and Neil have solid chemistry – love it.