Restless Rant
Week of December 8 – 12:

I’m pulling no punches this week regarding the recent news that Don Diamont [Brad Carlton] will be released from his duties at The Young and the Restless. If you have been reading’s comment and message boards and polls, it’s clear that a majority of fans have been clamoring for more of the popular, handsome and charismatic character of Brad Carlton – not less! Brad is a long-term character that evolved from being Jill’s pool boy, to a successful and intriguing leading man. His recent backburner status has done nothing to spoil his popularity, and you won’t be able to take Don’s paycheck and buy that kind of fan loyalty for any price! Of course, we don’t know the details of what led to the exit, but if this ouster is linked in any way to the financial situation of the show, might I suggest that there are numerous other characters on the show who are much less integral and beloved that may be better choices for the chopping block. Here’s hoping they take another look at this decision – maybe they can find a way for him to stay! In other casting news, the show has committed to a long-term storyline for Tyra, putting Eva Marcille with the show on a permanent basis, rather than recurring. Vocal fans have already started asking why a beloved character like Brad has to go, when a decidedly unpopular role like Tyra’s is being beefed up?!

On December 11, the Y&R cast and crew celebrated an incredible 20 years that the show has been rated number one according to Neilson’s ratings! The top-rated show has been darn good this week – so on with it!

Chloe’s Fall: Everyone asks, “Why was she on a ladder in the first place?” Answer – because this is a soap opera and the fall was a necessary turning point for this quadrangle. I was so happy to see Lily tear into Chloe at long last, but I suspected she’d ruin her newly sprouted attitude by overcompensating, drowning in guilt, and kissing Chloe’s butt after ‘the fall’ – and that’s exactly what she did! Just when I thought this character couldn’t get any further from behaving like a real person, she actually told Billy at the coffeehouse, that she admired Cane and Chloe for staying together! Un-freaking believable! I loved the conversation between her and Billy though – he was so funny telling Lily that if he were Cane he’d ‘go there again’! Lily looked like she’d been slapped. Poor, naïve girl! As for Chloe and Cane, I’ve become the writers’ puppet, and have fallen for the couple just as they hoped. These two play off one another really well, and have an interesting dynamic based on similar backgrounds. Chloe’s secret is going to come out and she’ll have to pay the price, but I will enjoy seeing them fall in love in the meantime. My take on Chloe – she’s not pure evil – more like impulsive, calculating, complex, slightly wounded, misguided, with ‘daddy’ issues. That’s what makes the storyline so good – she has aspects that viewers can relate to and sympathize with, rather than being a one-dimensional villainess. My guess is that the next turning point will see Cane and Lily reunited, and Chloe and Billy facing being parents together. This would be interesting because though it sounds like a simple switchback, I suspect that Lily would find herself the recipient of a very different Cane than she broke up with – he won’t bounce back easily from having fatherhood snatched away a second time!

Jack’s Lies: What a riot watching Jack wallow in his own mess – he truly never learns that honesty is the way to go! Some niggling little part of me feels like he went too far this time though – like he has debased himself to the point where his actual intelligence is in question, and that bothers me. Jack is sneaky and underhanded, but he’s far from stupid. Surely he wouldn’t believe that he could make this ‘sex addict’ story fly? All I know is that I love watching Ashley calling him out on everything – she says just want you feel like saying to him as a viewer! Of course, Sharon is done with him, he’s lost Jabot to his own sister, and he’s about to be exposed for his crimes against Victor. Sounds like Jack’s taking a trip to ‘rock bottom’!

Brad/Sharon: Nothing good can come of his scheming with Phyllis – except perhaps a hot love scene with Sharon! I love how he’s been there for her – even though he’s clearly her second choice. I say give this amazing guy a new business, a new relationship, ramp up his rivalries with Jack and Victor, and keep him on the show!

Sharon/Nick/Phyllis: Well, the truth is out – in more ways than one! Judging by the way Sharon lit up like a Vegas slot machine when Nick called about the business trip, it’s pretty clear that she is once again, or still, in love with him! The other truth exposed this week, was that Phyllis saw Nick and Sharon kissing in Paris. For me, Phyllis’s reluctant, but cathartic, tell-all scene with Nick was very realistic and poignant. His reaction was bang-on too, as he was too stunned to say much at first, and then said all the appropriate things as the regret and guilt rushed in. My take is that there will be no recovering from this – Sharon’s not going away, so Phyllis will continue to be edgy in her presence, and Nick will be pulled in two directions – which, I hope, is very hard for him – he’s behaved like a dog toward both women and deserves to suffer! Thanks to such realistic writing for two very different characters, I am able to empathize with each woman’s unique point of view in this situation, and I still think that they should both kick Nick to the curb! For Nick’s part, he’ll likely realize that he’s in love with two women and make an even bigger mess of everything before all is said and done! Also on this topic, I must say that I enjoyed watching Phyllis tell Jack about the kiss she’d witnessed – finally something that shut him up for a minute! Even more delicious – his realization that he couldn’t say a word about it to Sharon because he had just admitted to committing full-out adultery in a cheap motel! Haha!