Restless Rant
Week of January 7 – 11:

The most compelling stories right now are Jack’s detox (amazing acting), and the Newman Enterprises intrigue. The plot-driven storylines aren’t cutting it. Most viewers don’t care about Adriana/Alex/NuNoah and their stolen money. Okay, some of us do care about Noah, but that’s not enough to make this fly. “Y&R” also needs some couples with smoking-hot chemistry having super-sexy encounters and love scenes that aren’t completely left to the imagination. Characters ‘going upstairs’ or clutching blankets to their chests ‘afterward’ is lame. Passion please!

You can do this!
Peppy Avery solving all Nick’s little issues for him is annoying – how on earth did he ever manage to run Restless Style or Newman Enterprises without her? The impending arrival of her presumed-dead ex-lover, Dylan McAvoy, is definitely interesting, and will certainly send Avery into a tailspin. I’m sure there will be tons of cupcakes baked.

You can’t quit me.
Adriana, so far, is rather unlikable – your typical manipulative user chick. Noah obviously got the knight-in-shining-armor gene from Nick. It would be great if he weren’t a pushover in this. As for Detective Alex, he’s getting annoying with his hovering and threatening. There’s obviously more going on with him and Adriana and this money or he would have had a search warrant for the tackhouse last week, and certainly would have busted Chloe and Kevin this week. The Keystone Cops could have busted Chloe and Kevin by now!

Could affairs be on the horizon in both the Lily/Cane and Michael/Lauren marriages? Tyler and Carmine are both intriguing and sexy guys, but Lily and Lauren don’t seem likely to stray. The flirting has been fairly hot, except Tyler’s too obvious, and Carmine giving parenting advice was weird. Personally, I hope Carmine and Abby heat up again when she returns. Then, put him in Chloe’s orbit.