Restless Rant
Week of December 31 – January 4:

“Y&R” was solid this week; with Jack’s storyline still the highlight. A few characters are suffering in order to drive plot. Check out some comments on the week’s happenings:

Maybe I’m missing something…
All of the sudden viewers are talking about Cane becoming the jealous type, and a bit of a stiff personality-wise – presumably these developments are meant to make it more palatable for Tyler to come between him and Lily – it all seems a bit too obvious. Adding to the confusion – Cane was very upset that Neil was offered the CEO position instead of him (so much so that he wrote his mother off over it), but now that he’s got the CEO position all he wants to do is to hand it back to Neil? Last week he disagreed with Neil’s decisions and vision for Jabot, and this week he’s telling Neil he’s the person to take Jabot into the future. Huh?

Bolting before breakfast?
It was funny to see Neil thinking Leslie was going to do an awkward dash out of his apartment after their night of passion. Leslie makes uptight Neil about as sexy as he can be – so far so good!

Jack attack.
This week kicked off with Adam and Jack going at it in the Abbott living room, and Adam getting his butt canned along with everyone else. Amazing scenes! Later in the week, Jack thought he’d hit bottom when he woke up to find a dead hooker sprawled on the living room floor. He called crafty Adam to bail him out – so delicious – but the best part came when we later learned things were going to get far worse for Ol’ Smilin’ – the so-called prostitute was actually the daughter of a senator. Worse, Victor’s in the know and is a step ahead. This comes a little soon after Phyllis having a dead person on her living room carpet and Kevin moving the body, but we’ll take it. By the way, I laughed out loud when Phyllis stopped into the Abbott manse and Jack gravely announced he’d hit bottom. She skeptically asked, “Overnight?” So funny.

Georgia on my mind.
Here’s hoping Daniel returns at some point – he brings a different flavor to the canvas. His parting scenes with Phyllis were awesome.

Making things better.
As nice as it is to see Tucker making up with Katherine, the scenes with Victor joining them for dinner needed a little more realistic conflict – seemed too pat. Honestly, I’d rather see Katherine, Tucker, and Jill all getting into it at Chancellor or something.