Restless Rant
Week of December 24 – 28:

There’s a tremendous cast in place, but “Y&R” honestly isn’t doing much for me lately. Although there have been some dramatic moments in the business storylines and with Jack’s addiction, there is just no sizzle on the whole; even Christmas was a drag. There’s a lack of couples with intense chemistry, and a disturbing trend toward ‘love in the afternoon’ being left to the imagination. Sorry, but watching people go up or come down the stairs or clutching bedclothes to their chests ‘afterward’ is no substitute for passionate scenes.

I’m that good.
The steam room scenery was ‘that good’! I’m all for Tyler, but find he is talking himself up too much – there’s confidence, and then there’s arrogance, which is a turn-off. In any case, the writing seems to be on the wall for Tyler to cause issues with Cane and Lily – it’s pretty obvious with Cane being written like a sourpuss, and Lily and Neil being so enthused about Tyler and his talents. How do you feel about the prospect of Tyler coming between Lily and Cane? Vote in’s Y&R Tyler Trouble poll.

Jolly Ol’ Saint Vic.
Victoria buying into Victor’s crap for the billionth time was disappointing, though not surprising. Billy and Victoria’s sexy moments are still good, but it’s way past time for him to stop giving Victoria her way all the time. As for Nikki and Victor’s Christmas gift exchange (the bible and the ranch plans), the gifts were nice, but the scenes didn’t draw me in – not sure why.

I’m done – you’re done!
Jack’s addiction storyline is moving along nicely. It’s done wonders for the character of Kyle, who is emerging as not just sympathetic, but assertive, which is sexy. The intervention was entertaining viewing, if a tad predictable. It will be interesting to see how Adam’s role will play out in the Jack/Victor feud this time around. As for Phyllis and Jack kissing – may it never go further. Jack makes Phyllis a dull girl.

Gingerbread men and snowman pancakes.
Nick and Avery might be good-looking, but the fun stops there. Why do they talk about food and cooking constantly? Even in bed! It’s like a writing gimmick run amok. Dylan of the dog tags can’t show up fast enough to shake-up this situation. Navery’s attitude toward Phyllis niggled this week – why do they expect her to ever be okay with them being together?