Restless Rant
Week of December 1 – 5:

There were some great stories playing out this week on The Young and the Restless, but I still can’t get my head around this trend of exploding a major plot point, and then promptly deserting it! Ana was taken from her home on Monday, a new character was introduced (Rafe), and we now haven’t seen them since Tuesday! I find it really difficult to care about storylines after I’ve virtually forgotten about them. I can understand having a story run every other day, but not being marooned in never-never land for a week! If the writers don’t care enough about a storyline to keep it on screen consistently – why should viewers care enough to become invested in it?!

Ana’s Situation: The good news is that this story got this family noticed – Devon’s panic and outrage at the unfairness of the situation is palpable. Some felt he was over the top, but having been through what he has in his life, I can understand how he would be extremely upset at the prospect of someone he cares about being put at risk. That being said, it’s surprising that they have Devon describe foster care as ‘hell’, when that’s how he wound up with the Winters family! The bad news is that as for Tyra and Ana, I still don’t care what happens to them – this storyline did not resonate for me on an emotional level where these two characters are concerned – I keep waiting for it to ‘click’, but all I feel is sadness for Devon, Neil’s frustration, and Karen’s dread as she watches Tyra with Neil – she’s all over him like a cheap suit! The new lawyer, however, is drop-dead cute and I can’t wait to see more of him – a little hard to believe he’s a hotshot attorney though – he looks so young!

Not much going on with Amber and Daniel this week. I’m looking forward to them telling Phyllis that they aren’t staying on at Restless Style – that should be interesting! This bit with Amber’s suspicions over Kevin and the money is puzzling to me – even if she figured out that he had gaslighted Katherine by moving her car, she doesn’t know that the money he had is Kay’s, and it’s a huge leap for Amber to suddenly decide that he had something to do with Katherine’s death! Her suspicions seem contrived to me, rather than logical – and that bugs me. Also, Jana is being surprisingly quiet on this whole subject, particularly since she does know for certain that her husband tricked Kay, and that he is in possession of her cash! I think part of the reason this situation is rankling me is that I enjoy the quirky friendship of this foursome and wouldn’t like to see it ruined. BTW, loved to see Amber visiting Kay’s grave this week – the lingering sadness is satisfyingly realistic.

The Jabot Takeover: That was classic Jack, telling both Gloria and Jeff he intended to make them CEO to keep them on board! Loved it! I also loved the execution of the takeover – having Gloria interrupt Jill and inform everyone what is going to happen – only to have the wind taken out of her sails when Billy declares that he will be running the place! The expressions on the faces of Brad, Jack, and Jeffrey as they watched Jill register what was happening, were priceless, and really made it a delicious watch! But what was better than Ashley showing up and turning the tables on smilin’ and toastin’ Jack! Too good! The rivalry between Cane and Billy is being expertly woven as they develop animosity on two levels – in business, and personally! I loved seeing Jill get hers – it’s about time – and the icing on the cake would be if Kay came back and dished some out to her too! Having Colleen pop up there and get into it with Chloe was a little strange. I liked Chloe’s line as Colleen walked in, “Do you even know how to spell ‘shareholder’?” Predictably, Lily showed up, took in what was happening, commiserated with Cane, and scolded Billy for being a bad boy. She should have a conversation with Sharon right now – it might save her (and us) a lot of grief!

I’m bored with this. Let’s get onto the business of revenge!