Restless Rant
Week of December 17 – 21:

This week the show has noticeably tightened up so that there are a few major storylines being featured – a notable improvement. “Y&R” has been offering up solid drama, yet there’s not anticipation on a daily basis since the show is still skimping on passion, happy people, and comic relief. Some observations:

It’s raining men!
Carmine, Detective Alex, Mason, Tyler…Christmas came early! So far, we’ve only seen enough of them to be a tease, but here’s hoping we’ll soon see a whole lot more. We know the basics on Carmine, but he still has some mystery surrounding him, Alex seems pretty slick, Tyler is talented but maybe a bit too cocky, and Mason comes across like a pretty straight arrow. Share your impressions of these characters in the comment section.

The only thing that made sense.
Adam gets major points for being ‘real’ with everybody this week – it’s satisfying to watch. I can respect Chelsea wanting to turn down his offer of a financial settlement, but there’s proud and then there’s stupid. As for Adam and Sharon, despite everything they’re just magnetically drawn toward each other. It’s always intense. It probably won’t go anywhere though since Nick is in the picture doing his anti-Adam routine. On another note, it was interesting to hear that Sharon’s meds are kicking in – I wonder what this will mean for the character.

Obstructing justice.
Chloe needs to shed the chemistry-free marriage and dowdy housewife vibe – yesterday – and go back to work at Jabot. After that, a hot new love interest – she had chemistry with Carmine, and Abby makes for a feisty rival (hint, hint). Kevin also needs a do-over. Ever since the Angelina debacle, he’s been reduced to a mumbling grump who is just placed in one ridiculous, illegal, or compromising situation after another. If only they could bring the pre-kidnapping/tumor girl version of Jana back for him…

Can’t just walk away.
The scene where Jack walked into Jabot, heard the jazz music, and looked quizzically all around was funny. The expression on his face said it all! Jack may have come across like an uptight old suit going through withdrawal, ahem, but on the other hand, Neil isn’t exactly doing things in his usual and expected way. Let’s be honest – if he hadn’t been trying to impress Leslie he never would have approved the casual dress code, and a week ago, he probably would have reacted to Tyler and his pitch much like Jack did. I still think Neil should buy his own company, then he would answer only to himself – and Devon and Lily of course. Hehe.