The 12 Months of “Y&R.”

It was definitely a year of ups and downs for “Y&R.” Questionable writing choices endured intense criticism by disillusioned viewers, and change ultimately came about as a result. However, there was plenty to rave about along the way, and as always, “Y&R” continued to bring us fantastic acting and memorable scenes.

This month actually was one of the stronger ones this year, featuring drama, passion, and even comic relief. It was the month of Jack and Genevieve’s wedding, Sharon’s engagement/marriage of convenience to Victor (who was in prison), and Chelsea arriving with baby news for Billy. By month’s end, Jack had learned that Gen bought BON out from under him, and Patty had blinded Adam and shot Jack.

What viewers were talking about: Diane’s murder case dragging on, Jack not recognizing Patty, SuperHarmony giving everyone advice, and Angelo and Angelina not fitting in. Classic soapy moment: Nikki walked in on Sharon and Victor just as they said ‘I do’. Comic relief: Victor put Adam’s desk in the men’s room. Hot stuff: Sharon and Adam had sex in Victor’s office!

February was a decent month. Walsh dropped all charges related to Diane’s death, Anita arrived, Nina said goodbye to Ronan, and Adam and Sharon went to Kansas. Also this month, Nikki took up with Jack, Adam got a visit from Hope, Sarge arrived on the scene, Phyllis faced her father (and his death), and Avery dealt with the ramifications of freeing Daisy.

What viewers were talking about: The Kevin/Angelina mess dragging on, Ricky and Daisy being creepy, and the plot-driven storylines. Classic soapy moment: Gloria slapped Jeffrey, who returned to town with amnesia. Big drama: Adam freed horses from a burning barn while blind. Romance: Lily and Cane’s divine wedding in Provence.

The show lacked excitement this month, and the plot-driven storylines were still not working for viewers. Among the most satisfying scenes were those surrounding Devon and his family members – simple, heartfelt family ‘moments’ that truly resonated.

What viewers were talking about: Sharon closing the Mitsukoshi deal on her own, Victor being a hypocrite for calling Adam out about Patty, Anita blackmailing Chelsea over her father’s identity, Harmony hanging off the very-married Neil, and everyone treating Angelo and Angelina like old friends when they left town. Comic relief: Jill disguised herself as a geisha in Japan. Biggest surprise: Viewers enjoyed Kevin kissing Angelina and her song ‘Good Goodbye’ went over big! Romance: Kevin and Jeff proposed to, and then married, Chloe and Gloria at the same time.

Business storylines were featured heavily, but the show boasted some solid drama. This was the month in which one of the most satisfying lines of the year was delivered when Nikki told Victor, “Who cares what you approve of?!” Boom!

What viewers were talking about: Nikki and Victor playing musical beds with Jack and Genevieve, ‘Uncle Adam’ turning over a new leaf, NuKyle’s arrival, and Neil betraying Sofia. Heartwarming moment: Devon and Katherine made amends. Classic soap: Adam pulled Chelsea from the freezing pond and helped deliver her baby in the cabin. Comic relief: Katherine worked at Fenmore’s.

“Y&R” began to show serious signs of becoming a mess this month, what with storylines being dangled and then disappearing, and Sharon electing to launch a romance with her children’s grandfather. We were, however, treated to some epic scenes such as the Sharon/Nikki showdown in which Sharon taunted Nikki with this gem: “You started on a pole and wound up in a bottle!”

What viewers were talking about: Not seeing favorites due to the bloated cast size, Daniel marrying Daisy, Sofia divorcing Neil, and tricky Ricky. Classic soap moment: Ashley walked in on Tucker in bed with Harmony. Comic relief: Jill and Genevieve’s mud wrestling match in the park.

This is the month the ‘blast from the past’ storyline of Phyllis’ hit-and-run kicked off. Dr. Tim Reid returned to join the mix, and Jack began to spiral out-of-control as he and Ashley battled over his plans for Jabot and Beauty of Nature.

What viewers were talking about: Michel becoming D.A., Daniel sleeping with Daisy, Sharon telling Victoria she’d slept with Billy, and Nikki taunting Sharon in the stables, saying, “I rode him first.” Big drama: Paul shot his own son! Classic soap: Sharon crashed Nick’s wedding to Phyllis, which didn’t happen because Phyllis miscarried. Hot stuff: Danny and Christine got busy in a suite at the Club!