Restless Rant
Week of December 10 – 14:

A pretty solid week. The stuff that is a bit boring and not really working continues to drag on, but there is conflict and drama aplenty for some of the core characters. Interesting newbies have arrived too! Check out the thoughts for this week:

Navery and Supergirl.
Summer running to Avery’s place while upset about Chelsea wasn’t stellar. The dialogue didn’t seem realistic and frankly, it’s less boring to watch Summer talk to Phyllis. Much of what happens at Avery’s place tends to have a whitewashed polite feel to it that doesn’t quite ring true. It was actually a relief to see Avery snap at Summer in the storage locker and reveal a side other than the perfect fairytale aunt. Speaking of which, it’s also a tad unbelievable that Summer is blowing off spending time with boys to root through Avery’s boxes. As for Avery’s big confession about cheating, her concern that Nick would judge her was odd considering she knows he’s a serial cheater. That worry being the premise of her secrecy seemed off – perhaps there’s more to the story?

Yes, Fen is being two-faced with poor Jamie, who may will almost certainly endure more of his bullying if he ends up staying with Lauren and Michael. Oh, and Jamie kissed Summer. That surely won’t help matters when unbalanced Fen finds out. Yawn.

Run away with me.
While I enjoyed Billy and Victoria’s romantic reconnection this week (there are times when they ‘click’ for me), I’m tired of watching Billy operate in his current mode. He’s grown past behaving like a loser, and no one wants to see him go back there, but it sometimes feels like he’s been biting his tongue and kissing butt since Victoria first saw him in his boxers on that fateful New Year’s Eve. I’d like to see a return to the bolder Billy Abbott rather than this sort of watered-down ‘Billy Newman’ guy he’s evolved into. It’s not necessarily a comment on his relationship, but on the character – give him back his cojones! Oh, and give him back his Delia too – it’s not realistic that he never interacts with her and Chloe.

Type A.
This business with Neil’s kids swanking up Jabot is slightly out of hand. Jack’s going to go into cardiac arrest if he walks in there. Neil is allowing it because he’s in ‘tool’ mode; i.e. thinking with his you know, and trying to impress Leslie. Speaking of Leslie, her brother Tyler seems interesting and sexy – should be good for a shake up in Genoa City. By the way, where’s Cane been lately? Anyway, Neil better enjoy the ride while he can, since it appears Jack’s going to roll Jabot into Newman just in time for Victor to take it all. What was your first impression of Tyler? Let us know by voting in’s Y&R Tyler poll.