Restless Rant
Week of November 26 – 30:

“Y&R’s” November sweeps is turning out to be more like November sleeps. There’s a sense of gloom ‘n’ doom in the air, and more than a couple storylines have had viewers complaining ‘been there, done that’. I’m also missing characters like Abby and Ashley – core family members who also spiced up the show a bit. That said, we’re only a month in with the new writing team and they likely need more time to hit their stride. Here are some thoughts on the week:

Your marriage is over.
Victor trying to engineer the end of Victoria’s marriage to Billy is stale stuff – this must be the billionth go ’round, and frankly, it makes no sense at all for a man as shrewd as Victor to keep hitting the repeat button on the same lame material. On the other hand, it was refreshing how Victoria reacted to Victor dropping his bomb about Billy knowing he was in L.A., and I enjoyed her sibling discussion with Nick. As for Nick and Victor’s talk – I love that Nick is holding firm about ‘the fight for Newman’ – even going so far as to tell Victor to do it himself – but I had to laugh when Victor asked Nick what he’s been doing lately. Nick, of course, said parenting. Funny how he neglected to mention all the time he’s been spending boinking the kids’ Aunt Avery.

Hell’s kitchen.
Speaking of Nick and Avery, his little speech to Avery about not letting Phyllis figure into their relationship was a hoot – pretty unrealistic considering she’s his ex-wife and Avery’s sister! Meanwhile, I’m starting to dread seeing that kitchen appear on the screen, knowing insipid food-related foreplay talk will inevitably follow.

Kevin’s crumbling world.
The best thing that happened in this storyline was Jill advising Chloe to divorce Kevin. You go, Jill.

Who’s using whom?
I have full confidence in Jill’s ability to handle Tucker, and look forward to them doing the dance. I also loved Jill’s visit with Lauren this week.