Restless Rant
Week of November 24 – 28:

It was a short week, but a good one, for Y&R, as the Thanksgiving holiday in the United States saw the network air two ‘classic’ episodes! readers on the Y&R message board got a holiday treat too, when Daniel Goddard [Cane Ashby] popped in to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! Back to business – it’s a bit of a ‘mini-rant’ this time around!

Nikki/Victor/Ashley/Paul: So, Ashley is rearranging her life to be with Victor even though they’ve been back together all of five minutes, he’s been suffering crippling depression, and is facing life in prison! As much as I like this strong-minded pair together, Ashley is not thinking with her brain, and her knee-jerk reaction is, in my opinion, out-of-character! Nikki’s confrontation with Victor was somewhat refreshing. It’s nice to hear her tell him off, but hard to believe she’ll never bother with him again [much eye-rolling] “Right. Sure Nikki!” She’s right though – accusing her of being behind the accident and the forged journal is completely over the top – and Victor knows it – he’s behaving like a stubborn child at this point! The rebound thing with Nikki and Paul was an interesting, and welcome, development. Don’t get me wrong – I think Paul deserves better than that, and I believe he’ll get hurt – but at the same time, he hasn’t had any action in a while, so I’m all for them having a fling!

Sharon/Nick: I like the way ‘the kiss’ conversation was handled. Sharon clearly wanted to hear him say he wanted out of his marriage with Phyllis, but he didn’t, which at this point, is totally realistic. They talked things out in a very sweet and amicable way, which was refreshing! I love that she told him about Jack’s involvement with Adam before she left – good girl! All I can say for Nick though, is that he should be as forthcoming with Phyllis as he was during this conversation with Sharon – then maybe ‘the kiss’ wouldn’t be taking on a life of it’s own! When it all blows up – I’m blaming Nick!

Love this! Watching them go head-to-head is amazing television! Michelle [Stafford] is doing a good job of portraying Phyllis as she creeps closer to her breaking point, and Peter [Bergman] is wonderful as ‘threatening’ Jack! As intimidating as he was, telling his ex that she’s asking for a war, don’t expect Phyllis to back down. She’s never been afraid of Jack before! **Mini-spoiler** – We haven’t seen the last of these two gunning for one another! Watch for Jack to become deeply angered when Phyllis tattles regarding his trip to Mexico and the motel room receipts, and Sharon is handed the proof!

Methinks these two are headed for disaster, as opposed to the altar! A Christmas wedding may be in the works, but at the rate this journal debacle is unraveling, they may not make it that long as a couple! Nice illustration of how little they really know one another, when Adam asked her to move to Europe and she put the kibosh on it instantly! Also, she’s already unimpressed by being called out by her boss due to Adam’s little money transfer, so anymore bad news about her fiancé may be the last straw – especially if it’s delivered by Paul – who she’s swept to the sidelines of her life again!

Can you just feel her frustration? I can’t believe she gave him another chance, when her heart is so obviously not in it! Kudos for Sharon Case’s comedic sarcasm in the scene where she holds out the phone to Jack, saying, “It’s the FBI!” She does that sooo well! **Mini-Spoiler** – Can she kick him out of his own mansion?!