cassie newman dies young and restless
Credit: Image: Brian Lowe/JPI

The events that led to her death.

In this week’s Throwback Thursday takes readers back to May 14, 2005 when Cassie Newman died…

Summer isn’t the only one who has ever done something irresponsible during their adolescence. In fact, her deceased half sister (by adoption) Cassie did something too that ended in tragedy. Being fourteen, Cassie started hanging out with the older crowd at Crimson Lights and soon developed a crush on Daniel Romalotti. However, Daniel was involved with Lily Winters, another one of Cassie’s friends.

Nick and Sharon became upset when Cassie started to lie, skip school and ride in cars with older guys. Cassie’s rebellious streak forced her parents to ground her. In school one day Cassie heard about a party at the park and was determined to join the older crowd there. She convinced Nick, who convinced Sharon, to unground her in order to leave the house that night.

When Cassie arrived at the party, she found Daniel drunk and missing Lily, who had been forbidden to see Daniel. Cassie’s friends started leaving, but she assured them she had a ride home. She found Daniel passed out in the backseat of his car and decided to drive him home – without any experience in driving at all. On the way home they ended up crashing and both were thrown from the car. The crash ultimately led to Cassie’s death.

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