Restless Rant
Week of October 29 – November 1:

The new storyline directions and vibe of the show continue to be amazing, even though a few niggling items have cropped up to rant about. Here we go:

Cottage craziness.
Jeeze, you’d think Adam could have sprung for a TV set or a radio – no wonder Sharon’s climbing the walls! Seriously though, I love this bit with Sharon moving the furniture around and Adam riding to the rescue as they both wrestle with their current demons. It’s also been interesting watching Chelsea struggle to remain relevant in his life now that he’s been drawn back into Sharon’s orbit – and the lure of Newman. It’s probably a good thing Chloe’s helping Chelsea start her own business – she may need something to keep her busy. That said, Chelsea likely won’t take Adam’s deception lying down – I’d say Adam and Chelsea’s saccharine sweet days are safely behind them now that she’s discovered Sharon camped out on their property! As for the Chloe/Chelsea friendship, it was somewhat unexpected, but since it pulls Chloe out of the mire of her mismatch of a marriage, it’s all good. What should Chelsea do about Adam and Sharon? Let us know what you think by voting in’s Y&R Chelsea’s Choice poll.

Abbott Enterprises.
The possibilities for entertaining scenes with Adam, Jack, and Phyllis working together are unlimited – love it. However, one thing I did not enjoy/understand this week was Phyllis’ out-of-the-blue whining about having to work with Adam. She’s already been working for Tag ‘n’ Grab, but more importantly, her attitude toward Adam has always been one of amused curiosity – they circle each other with ‘takes one to know one’ wariness, and an air of excitement and a certain chemistry surrounds their battle of wits and one-upmanship – Phyllis has always been up for it. Not only that, but the recent accident caused by Summer should have figured into their dynamic and it hasn’t. Strange. Speaking of which, how is it that Victor didn’t know about the car crash or miscarriage? His family members report everything to him, plus there’s the news, and his ‘people’ – this made about as much sense as Avery, Newman Enterprises’ attorney, learning about the company takeover through a chance run-in with Nick, or Abby and her shares disappearing into thin air. Details matter!

Miami vice.
It may be the smartest thing Nick’s ever done, deciding to remove himself from his family’s business-related drama. Victoria’s sudden inexplicable yen to make her father and Newman Enterprises a priority over Johnny and Billy led to trouble this week. Billy and Jack had an epic argument from which they both emerged miserable, and she now appears to be in danger herself. Billy and Jack’s fight was compelling, in that you could understand each of them being pissed. As for Victoria, I’ve no idea who would want to kidnap her spoiled behind, but I’ve got a sinking feeling the drama will end with Billy bowing, scraping, and apologizing. Ugh. As for Jack, his power-hungry greed has led to him facing surgery without family by his side – probably something for him to ponder while he’s got the time.