Restless Rant
Week of October 22 – 26:

As viewers continue to adjust to the new writing team at “Y&R,” there are a few questionable things going on and dangling threads that are irksome, but overall it’s quite good. Many of the characters seem better defined, the camera work is more interesting, and the scenes have been tightened up – love the brisk pace too! Let’s take a look at the week:

Family feud.
Phyllis appears to be entering a different phase, as yet another marriage to Nick ends, she’s estranged from her daughter, and her sister seems on the verge of betraying her. Phyllis may deserve whatever heartache she gets on a karmic level, but it’s hard to be okay with Avery being the one to kick her in the teeth. When Avery was with Nick previously, she hadn’t reconnected with Phyllis on any level, but now it’s a different story. Also, Avery parted ways with Nick before because she was certain he’d never really be over Phyllis. Hmm. Aside from the ick factor, Avery and Nick do share chemistry, and Avery’s er, daydreams, were pretty hot. Phyllis should probably go ahead and indulge in Ronan. One thing I found incongruous is how Phyllis rages at rival Christine, but when faced with the idea of Nick/Avery, she calmly asks, “So, are you going to do this thing with my sister?” Huh? As for NuSummer, it’s like watching a random teenager in scenes with Phyllis and Nick. I don’t yet feel like ‘this is Phyllis and her daughter’ – probably the result of the rapid aging followed by the sudden casting change. Summer and Avery connected this week – makes you wonder how Avery will fare if she starts boinking Dad. Summer also lifted that boy’s wallet – could he be Ronan’s son? Pretty out-of-the-blue if he is…

Mystery woman.
Gah. Thankfully this storyline didn’t get a lot of screen time this week. It’s obviously Genevieve’s exit story, so we have to bear with it, I just hope it will spell the end of the Atkinson nonsense as opposed to kicking off another chapter of it. In other news, we’re to believe that Cane didn’t get promoted because of Jack’s history with Genevieve? Jack hired Cane as his right-hand man long after Gen had betrayed him – so color me confused.