Restless Rant
Week of October 15 – 19:

One week in with the new “Y&R” writing team and the characters are already more sharply defined, with some seeming edgier, the pace has picked up to a very satisfying degree, and the sets look great. Some of the storyline adjustments and cast changes have given viewers a jolt, but on the whole it’s been a positive transition. Congrats to all concerned! Thoughts for the week:

Witch hunt.
A decision was obviously made to wrap up the hit-and-run case in a hurry and to move forward with the fallout. This made for some illogical legal goings-on, but it was worth it to see the look on Christine’s mug when the judge informed her she was the reason the case was being dismissed. Not saying ‘the Bug’s’ point-of-view wasn’t legit, just that she’s annoying and often obnoxiously self-righteous, so it was satisfying to see her rendered momentarily speechless. As for Phyllis, we’ll have to presume she’s paying for her crimes to some extent by losing Summer and Nick. Moving forward, Christine is pursuing a civil suit, Ronan is pursuing Phyllis (let’s not turn him into a level 5 stalker please), and Avery appears to be pursuing Nick, which makes for tons of conflict, but isn’t a particularly welcome development as far as Avery’s character goes – kind of icky. One loose thread not addressed in all of this was Danny and Christine’s ‘second chance’. For more on this, read’s interview with Michael Damian.

The D.A. blues.
Life isn’t a bowl of cherries for Michael right now. He’s on the outs with Kevin, who dialed him in about the realities of the job he’s doing, and though Phyllis walked, he’s still super stressed out about having to prosecute Paul. He chose to let Ronan off the hook, which probably relieved a little of his tension, but they seem to be making a point of focusing on Michael’s exhaustion – foreshadowing? As for Paul’s case, it was uproariously funny how Eden spewed out these nonsensical words from a dream and the Mystery Inc. crew deciphered them within minutes to reveal the probable location of Ricky’s murder video. Really? It was way ridiculous, but what the heck. Go Paul!