Restless Rant
Week of October 8 – 12:

There was some excellent drama this week on “Y&R,” though there was little in the way of romance or ‘feel good’ moments to balance things out. The new regime’s material debuted on Friday and brought a new, brisk feel to the scenes. Here’s what stood out:

Under the bus.
Genevieve and Sharon both testified against Tucker to the SEC, and it looked like his goose was well and truly cooked, yet somehow, by week’s end the charges has miraculously been dropped. Huh? Considering Sharon hadn’t yet recanted anything, and that she ‘showed them the money’ so to speak by outing his shell corporations, how on earth did charges not stick? In any case, it was worth it for that intense scene mid-week with Tucker yelling at Sharon, “You did this to me?” Chilling. Unfortunately, that angle wasn’t played out. Tucker, once free, showed up at Sharon’s house where they made nice with each other in a very watered-down scene.

Can’t look at you.
Sharon appears to have lost the esteem of her son, Noah, who can’t stand to lay eyes on her right now. I can buy that. I can also buy Summer having a ‘hate on’ for Phyllis after seeing her with Ronan. I find it interesting that long-time rivals Sharon and Phyllis are in the same position with their kids at the same time, and wonder if that beat will be played, even though they haven’t shared scenes in a while. As for Summer going off the deep-end, I think it would have been even better if she’d witnessed a kiss between Nick and Avery as well so that she got the whole picture – both her parents are prone to, ahem, acting out. She comes by it honestly.

Fen fail.
Okay, that Fen just creeps me out! I can’t believe Summer kissed him after he gave her the oogly-eye and invited her to stay with him. Then he went and tattled on her – geek boy! How can this be Lauren’s son? Re-do.