Shelia Carter dies – again.

In “The Young And The Restless” history, February 9, 2007, Shelia Carter was shot to death…

It all started in October 2006 when Paul Williams finally tracked Shelia Carter down and learned she’d had plastic surgery to look like Phyllis. When he spotted her in Genoa City, Paul followed her to a warehouse and trapped Shelia there – the place she intended to imprison Lauren in order to kidnap baby Fen. Paul kept Shelia there and made everyone believe she had died in Argentina, in order to make his loved ones feel safe again.

Michael became suspicious and tracked Paul there, where he found the Phyllis lookalike. After Paul convinced him she was Shelia, they shared the secret but were undecided with what to do with her. Detective Maggie Sullivan, who was dating Paul, also became suspicions of Paul’s sudden disappearances and found Shelia. Maggie let her go, thinking she was Phyllis, then was shot by Shelia, who trapped her and Paul in the cell.

Shelia made her move, located Phyllis and waited for Lauren to appear with Fen. Once she arrived, Lauren was tied up and left alone, as Shelia took Phyllis, Summer and Fen to her apartment at a retirement home. Things happened very fast, and after Paul, Maggie and Lauren were rescued, Nick realized where Shelia had taken Phyllis.

Desperate to save Fen, Lauren snuck off ahead of everyone, with a gun, and was soon faced with the real and fake Phyllis/Shelia. Lauren fired a shot and the woman who died left her with these dying words, “You shot the wrong one.”

Though Phyllis immediately convinced Lauren that she was the real Phyllis, is it possible Shelia will get the last laugh? Feel free to leave your favorite Shelia moment in the comments section then check out our Flashback in B&B History: Katie Logan falls for Nick Marone.

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– Amy Mistretta