Restless Rant
Week of October 1 – 5:

Though issues with certain characters continue, it was a week with more balance as we saw drama, romance, passion, and, of course, the slap, which could be considered comedy or high drama depending on your perspective. A few thoughts to ponder:

I won’t forget.
Well, this week it became evident that someone is messing with Paul and his case, and given the flowers on Ricky’s grave, my money’s on Isabella. There had to be some reason we saw Paul go to her facility and tell her what happened. There are still many questions surrounding the knife business and who took Daisy out of the facility. Fingers crossed that it doesn’t drag on too much longer or get too bizarre; we’re still recovering from the debacle of Diane’s murder case. As for Michael, I’m over him ripping into everyone and their brother for being crooked and secretive, while he whispers and plots with Ronan about how to save Paul, admits to Christine that he doesn’t like having to use her evidence against Phyllis, and coached Lauren on covering up her role in Paul’s case. Um, huge conflicts of interest! As for Eden’s role in Paul’s case, I didn’t understand why they ended her hypnosis session prematurely, and later, Kyle was on my last nerve trying to make Eden’s situation about Diane.

Code of silence.
As the train wreck that is Chloe and Kevin continues, they find themselves plotting with Daniel and Heather to keep the secret that they are seeing each other. At least Daniel and Heather are turning out to be a solid couple with rooting value. It will be interesting to see if Daniel is able to go through with his divorce ‘in absentia’ before Daisy returns. Either way, she’ll want to mess Heather up.

The parent trap.
People like Devon, Cane, and Katherine, need to decide once and for all if they’re going to accept family members for who they are or not. Devon complains about feeling like a chess piece between Tucker and Kay, yet if Tucker messes up, he plays the Neil card – same kind of thing. Harmony is giving Tucker more of a break than his own mother, and Katherine has excused Victor for far worse than what Tucker did. Cane knows what Genevieve’s all about, and when they make up he seems to accept her, only to get all Judgy Judgerson again. It’s like he forgets how it feels to have people jumping to conclusions about you…

The slap heard ‘round Genoa City.
Well, whether you love or love to hate Phyllis, there’s no denying her tendency to run her mouth at times, and it’s always entertaining to see a good soapy slap across the melon. Yes, it was high drama at the GCAC with Nina and Phyllis up in each other’s faces, although I have to admit that given Nina’s non-relationship with Ronan it all seemed a bit trumped up. That said, with Nina believing that Phyllis tried to kill Paul, perhaps she was just happy to have a reason… On another note, Nina might want to keep her eye on Avery and Paul’s cozy little client/attorney connection now that they’re into hugging. Hmm.