Restless Rant
Week of September 24 – 28:

This week, the events in Genoa City swung between absurd and entertaining. The knowledge that the new regime’s material is coming up soon (October 12) is never far from viewers’ minds, along with the question of how they will change things. On we go:

Out of the blue.
On Monday’s episode, Sharon, while talking with Tucker, randomly brought up her old pal, Drucilla. Why now? Did anyone else wonder if this was foreshadowing? Would you like to see Drucilla return? Vote in’s Y&R Drucilla poll.

Victor Newman is dead.
As the press conference got underway, some of the Newmans were there to publicly support Sharon. Everyone tuned in (Jack told Cane that Nikki’s head looked like it was going to explode – hilarious), only to have the surprise be on Sharon when Billy blurted out the news that the The Great Victor Newman was dead. Again. Even Vic’s family members had a hard time mustering up genuine shock and sadness at the news – how many times has he died after all? In any case, Sharon rose to the occasion when Tucker, his mind going a million miles an hour, hissed at her to stake her claim, now. Nikki looked like she was going to claw Sharon’s eyes out when she heard she would be the one to ID the body. Meeeoww! Meanwhile, in L.A., Victor remembered his true identity right on cue.

Margin call.
Jack hardly had time to down a scotch after learning The Mustache had expired before he realized the ramifications. As he had been warned by his financial adviser, aka Cane, he had over-extended himself and the only way out was to sell Beauty of Nature back to Tucker. Just like that, Jack’s greed spanked him again.

While all of this drama surrounding the press conference, Newman Enterprises, and Victor’s untimely demise was going on, Adam’s ass remained glued to his sofa at home where he spouted drivel to Chelsea such as how he and Victor had both been ‘saved by the love of a good woman’. This whole storyline with Sharon, Tucker, and the company could have been far more compelling if Adam had been involved, flirting with Sharon, and up to his usual tricks. Opportunity missed.