Isabella tries to kill Christine.

In this time in “The Young And The Restless” history, August 2003, Isabella Braña Williams tried to kill Christine Blair. Leading up to that dreadful night…

Isabella first appeared in Genoa City in 2001 courtesy of Michael Baldwin, who wanted her help in breaking up Paul and Christine. Playing the damsel in distress, Paul found himself drawn to Isabella, who he’d let stay at his apartment, even after he’d found photos that proved she’d worked in her estranged husband’s business as a prostitute for hire.

Christine was off in Hong Kong on a case during this time but returned soon after and found Paul and Isabella in a passionate kiss. Christine left unseen, intending to file for divorce, and Paul and Isabella had sex – resulting in a pregnancy. At first Isabella tried to pass the baby off as Michael’s, knowing Paul still yearned to be with Christine. Paul later found out about the baby and claimed him as his own.

Living with Isabella suffocated Paul to the point that he moved out when she began pressuring him to get married. It wasn’t until Christine continued to turn away from Paul because of Ricky that Paul married Isabella and Christine then accepted Michael’s proposal. This set Paul into a tailspin. He forced himself on Christine, admitted it to Isabella and later set off for LA with her and Ricky.

Paul and Christine decided to put the past behind them, leaving Christine to continue with her plan to marry Michael. Guilt ate at Michael, who finally confessed using Isabella to break up Christine and Paul. Christine raced to tell Paul the truth. After they made love on a beach in LA both decided to reunite and moved back in together in Genoa City. Isabella vowed revenge and faked her own murder, setting up Christine as the prime suspect.

However, Isabella didn’t want Christine to rot in a jail cell, she wanted her dead. The night before her arrest, Christine spent the last night of freedom soaking in a tub with a glass of wine – drugged by Isabella. Isabella broke in and came charging at her with a knife. She almost killed her if it wasn’t for Paul’s sudden arrival. They both would have been dead had Michael not arrived soon after and saved Paul and Christine from Isabella.

Too bad someone couldn’t have stepped in to save Ricky’s ex-girlfriend when he decided to reenact his mother’s crazed murder plot years later…

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– Amy Mistretta