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Her body was never discovered.

In this week’s Throwback Thursday Soaps.com takes readers back to April 4, 2007 when The Young and the Restless’ Drucilla Winters (Victoria Rowell) fell off of a cliff and was later presumed dead. Drucilla was a friend to many and stood by and fought for those she loved. When her best friend Sharon (Sharon Case), who was married to Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow) confided that Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) was blackmailing her over her affair with Brad Carlton (Don Diamont), Dru was there to have her back – if only someone had been behind Dru to watch hers…Dru spent the morning with Neil (Kristoff St. John), openly admitting that she wasn’t looking forward to dealing with Phyllis that day but wanted to support Sharon at her NVP which was a business named after Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott), Victor, (Eric Braeden) and Phyllis. She went with Sharon to her photo shoot and vowed that she wouldn’t let “that heifer” mess with her BFF. Meanwhile, Phyllis overheard the conversation.

During the shoot, Phyllis began barking orders over what Sharon would wear and which props would be used and whether she should wear braids. Of course, Dru stepped in and defended Sharon. When Phyllis overheard Dru calling her a few choice names, she again confronted Sharon about her affair and began punching Jack’s (Peter Bergman) number into her cell, threatening to tell him. dru sharon phyllis fight young and restlessThis led to Sharon and Phyllis struggling at the edge of the cliff over the cell phone. Dru rushed to Sharon’s aid but ended up going over the cliff, as did Sharon, who Phyllis tried to save. After the rescue, Detective Maggie Sullivan (Tammy Lauren) sent divers to search the river. Sharon was found injured and flown to the nearby hospital. The rescue efforts continued but Dru’s body was never found. Drucilla Winters was presumed dead.

Written by Amy Mistretta on September 27, 2012. Refreshed by Christine Fix, April 29, 2019.