Restless Rant
Week of September 3 – 7:

By the end of Thursday’s episode, some were glad it was a short week of “Y&R.” Check out a few talking points:

I had an affair.
Well, many had wondered how on earth Phyllis would get herself out of the latest tight spot she was in – now we know. While it may seem a tad far-fetched that Ronan and Nick would both go so far out on a limb for the love of ‘Red’, it’s a nice set-up for future conflict. Anyway, with Tim dead and Heather having tossed Ricky’s box (containing Phyllis’ file), Phyllis may very well beat the hit and run charge. It’s hard to believe Christine didn’t hightail it to Genoa City when Tim turned up dead – thought she’d be all over that!

Mentally unstable.
The bizarre saga of Sharon versus the Newmans continued this week with Victoria stumbling onto Sharon’s stash of stolen goodies. I really would have liked to see a blowout when that happened, but instead the scene basically just skipped to Vikki smiling smugly. She then made Sharon’s kleptomania the centerpiece of her argument at the competency hearing, which left me wondering what her testimony would have been had she not discovered the stash! In any case, Nick’s testimony seemed to sway the judge enough for him to order an assessment, thereby sending Sharon one step closer to the edge, and also into Tucker’s bed. It was interesting to see Adam show up at Tucker’s door and take in Sharon’s attire, or lack thereof, and realize through his eyes how she’s being played. Later, Sharon went off to Fairview, where she encountered none other than Daisy, in a weird replay of their meeting in jail. Cool twist. I’m anxious to hear how Daisy wound up in there.