Restless Rant
Week of August 27 – 31:

The outlandish stories continued for both Phyllis and Sharon this week. As far as romance goes, we’ve been living in the land of lukewarm pairings such as Harmony/Neil, Heather/Daniel, and Eden/Kyle.

Put it on ice.
The Harmony and Neil scenes on the basketball court should have been hot, but the bit with Neil giving Harmony ‘pointers’ felt unoriginal, and they’re missing that element that makes a couple smoking hot, so the whole thing felt a little forced. Later, at Gloworm, it appeared that Tucker offered Harmony a big bucks position in his company because he’s jealous of her and Neil. I don’t understand why they’re not capitalizing on the Harmony/Sarge chemistry – perhaps trying to be unpredictable – but a Neil/Harmony/Tucker triangle probably isn’t the way to go. Just not feeling it.

Stand up guy.
Jack’s wheelchair saga played out fairly predictably; right after being told he may not progress any more, he gets so fired up over Nikki’s betrayal that he launches himself to his feet and literally walks out on her. It did provide a ‘moment’, and he had every right to be angry and disappointed with Nikki, but realistically, she did spend most of their engagement obsessing over Victor. Jack was so focused on getting her to the altar and winning the prize that he let it go, which came back to bite him.

Baby Newman.
Adam tagging items as ‘Baby N’ was cute, but I didn’t understand Chelsea being so worried about Chloe finding out she was preggers. Sharon knows, so it’s not exactly their secret. Maybe I missed something? Anita and Jeffrey were nowhere to be seen again this week – their kissing-up routine at least provides a wrinkle in the Chelsea/Adam world. Oh well.

Encyclopedia salesman.
I laughed out loud at Michael’s expression when Beth identified Kevin as the encyclopedia salesman when he popped up on Michael’s phone. Too good!

Claude Shirl.
This storyline just seems to get dumber, and it was dead boring watching Cane and Genevieve argue for the umpteenth time. That said, it was good to see Cane thank Lily for having the sense to call Ronan, and it’s been a step in the right direction to have Cane getting involved in business with Jack – much preferable to his Aussie family bunk.