The Young and the Restless’s Kate Linder (Esther Valentine) may play a ditzy maid on TV, but in real life, the savvy lady knows the importance of going out and voting on Election Day!

As a means of encouraging others to vote, Kate participated in the Peanuts Rock the Vote project, which, in conjunction with election teams, came up with a cute way of showing people how important it is to vote!

As a means of teaching constituents about the voting process, the site urges visitors to cast a ballot for Charlie Brown, Lucy, Linus, or Sally from the Peanuts cartoon!

More importantly, it also provides a spot for potential voters to register for the actual Presidential Election coming up on November 4! encourages readers to register if you haven’t already, and make your voice heard on November 4! Also, for a kick, visit the Peanuts Rock the Vote and check out Kate’s taped segment and find out which member of the Peanuts gang she selected!