readers speak out.

The emails have been coming in steadily about the current storylines on “Y&R.” Here are some samples from our mailbag:

Judy asks, What are you doing with Sharon? If you can’t find something better to do with her than stealing and all the other garbage, get rid of her!

Alicia says, The “Y&R” is getting too farfetched and getting really stupid. I think you all need to find a good writer maybe hire the “Coronation Street” writer. At least that soap is more realistic. What are you doing to Sharon? Yes, let her be strong, not crazy and Phyllis – she really needs to go. I just can’t watch this circus anymore. You will find that you are going to lose a lot of viewers if it stays this way.

Sharon writes, Please don’t let Phyllis go to jail and please don’t let Sharon and Nick get back together, please let him stay with Phyllis. That’s all we fans ask thanks!

Kat rants, Been a loyal watcher for years – during Phyllis’s antics with Danny et al. Give us all a break from Christine. I could forgive the vapid story lines from ‘Miss Perfection’ if only she had more than two expressions. I always tape [the] show so I can fast-forward past her scenes and I am sure I miss a lot of great acting from the rest of the cast.