Restless Rant
Week of August 13 – 17:

Thank goodness they finally talked some sense into Paul and got the man out on bail! Lauren didn’t even have to ‘fess up about the gun. Seems like Avery got Paul’s case firmly in hand within hours – made Christine look bad.

It’s a long road to nowhere.
It doesn’t get much more ridiculous than newlywed Nikki packing up a bag and ditching her new hubby to search for Victor when she doesn’t even have a clue where to look! Unfortunately for Jack, she’s got a one track mind – I doubt even Katherine could have stopped her. Read’s interview with Jeanne Cooper.

Played again.
Anyone else feeling ‘mystery-fatigue’ when it comes to Cane’s family? How many secrets and family cover-ups can they have in one lifetime? There’s been one drama after another originating from Down Under and it’s been a bit like work to get interested in this latest one. Genevieve and her problems aren’t any better. Lily, however, has had a playful, almost mischievous air about her at times in recent months, which could be intriguing if developed in the right storyline. Ready for something different with this clan.

Addressing the undressing.
So Yolanda/Harmony finally addressed that awful time when she dropped her robe and came onto Neil way back when. Thank you. It’s important to acknowledge the history of the characters.

Restless Style TV.
The quirky vibe surrounding Restless Style’s new tabloid TV show and its staff members has a certain appeal. It’s a contemporary storyline, provides plenty of opportunity for catty run-ins between Abby and Chloe, and Billy is perfection as the tabloid boss with a heart. It’s preferable to following the goings-on at the other new venture in town, Tag ‘n’ Grab, which basically amounts to Kevin whining about/at Adam.