Restless Rant
Week of October 20 – 24:

The stories on Y&R are dragging on longer than a lecture from Nick Newman! Anyone else have the feeling that the writers are merely filling air time until November Sweeps?! For example, it took an entire week, and numerous dopey flashbacks, for us to find out that – drum roll please – Michael was with Gloria and Lowell at the pre-rally meeting! Dum-de-dum! So what?! I actually liked the young Gloria, but still, come on! Here’s how the rest of the plots crept along:

The Big Phone Call From Victor: All the hype, and for what?! He said the same thing he has been saying for months now, “Leave me alone!” By week’s end, he was in a church being totally maudlin and melodramatic again. Blah…it’s like he’s in character hibernation until November sweeps, and it makes for irksome and dull TV viewing!

Adam and Jack:
I actually have kept one eye open for this story, only because I’m mildly intrigued to see who will come out on top between Jack and Adam. Interesting that Adam turned the tables by giving Frank all of Jack’s contact information, but I question Adam’s wisdom in allowing this diary thing to go ahead – he doesn’t have much left but Heather, and he stands to lose her over this nonsense! By the way, 75% of about 400 voters who participated in the poll detested the story with Jack ‘channeling’ Victor!

Nikki/Victoria/Nick/The Plan: Like watching paint dry. Eavesdropping on Nikki ‘Broken Record’ Newman should be a surefire cure for Heather’s infamous insomnia! I swear, if she tells her grown children they need to ‘protect’ Victor one more time…well, I don’t know what I’ll do, but it won’t be pretty!

Heather: The ‘Supreme A.D.A’ is so on my last nerve! She invented this case against Victor, which isn’t even in her jurisdiction, and is running around trying to intimidate everyone involved. Somehow, based on I don’t know what, she managed to get permission to bug people’s homes, which leads us to the question of how, and when, the microphones were planted! Oh, and just the other day she said she couldn’t discuss the case with Adam, then she happily goes ahead and does exactly that two days later! She’s surely going to come out with egg on her face again! And now, just as she’s starting to consider that this might be a futile and foolish pursuit, she’s no doubt going to find out about the diary, which will set her off on the (misguided) warpath again!

This story is wearing on like some of the others, but at least there was the bright spot of the interaction between Jill and Katherine. Awesome acting on the part of Jess [Walton, Jill], and Jeanne [Cooper, Katherine] – their scenes have been so realistic and moving! It’s interesting that Marge is back on the scene, but again – get on with it – we’ve been watching her down shots for a week now!

As always, Judith [Chapman, Gloria] was amazing this week. The acting in the scenes where she finally vented at Lowell in the jail made the hair on the back of my neck stand up! Brilliant! I was totally expecting an earth-shattering revelation though – something much bigger than Michael and Gloria being with Lowell at the rally planning meeting! Am I just not getting it?! I was left thinking, “That’s it?!” Maybe Gloria and Lowell are still covering something up…hmmm… I hope so! Michael’s scenes with Fenmore were great too! When I spoke to Christian [LeBlanc, Michael] this past week, he told me how much fun he has with the little guys that play Fen – so sweet!

Kevin/Jana: Probably the most satisfying scenes of the week were those of Jana’s hurt and anger toward Kevin as she figured out that he had moved Mrs. Chancellor’s car on purpose. His shame-faced confession, and her relief at his honesty, really made me feel something. Well done! Greg [Rikaart, Kevin] told me, when we spoke last week, that there are more excellent scenes coming up for fans of this couple in early November! Can’t wait!