Daniel and Ford (MySpace)

After Disney’s “Tinker Bell” green carpet premier in Hollywood, Soaps.com lured Y&R’s Daniel Goddard away from the family to play a little catch up.

“The movie was great,” Goddard raves of the full-length animated film, which is due out on DVD October 28. “I knew Tinker Bell from Peter Pan, but I had no idea what it was going to be about. I liked the mythical side of the story. It was cute. The animation is really impressive. Nice message: Anarchy pays off. (laughs) It was great, because Rachel and Ford came, and all four of us sat there together. I wouldn’t have gone without Ford (2), who fell asleep, but it was cool.”

If you noticed Goddard’s body count seems off, that’s because his wife Rachel is very pregnant with their second baby.

“He’s being born December 22 and it’s another boy,” Goddard shares. “It will be like when I grew up in Australia: Rachel’s going to be the one, solo female figure. Well, she does have Morris the cockatoo, who was supposed to be a boy, but turned out to be a girl, so she has backup.”

Little Ford is ready to lend a hand, as well. “We made sure he understood from the very beginning that he’s part of this,” Goddard explains. “I don’t want the baby to come out and have him be competitive. This way, he’s involved.”

Goddard is also preparing himself – by getting his swaddling & diapering arm back in shape!

“In Australia, the fastest sheep-shearer is called ‘the gun’: I’m the gun with the diapers,” he brags. “”I’m so fast, and I can even do it standing up, while Ford’s walking away.”