Restless Rant
Week of July 30 – August 3:

This week had an off-kilter feel to it. Here are some talking points going back through the week’s “Y&R” recaps:

Daniel’s crush.
Heather and Daniel aren’t bowling anyone over with their chemistry, but they could be a cute pairing. His conversation about it with Abby made me smile.

Paul’s guilt.
Paul is a level-headed and sensible person above all else. This bit with him wanting to throw himself to the sharks and even questioning whether he actually saw a knife is ludicrous. Oh, and since they brought Nina back and involved her, she should be there all the time.

Twisted Tim.
Tim’s snarky, bitter attitude is understandable and somewhat entertaining, and the attempt at revisiting the past by having him turn the tables on Phyllis and demand sexual favors is amusing. For some reason, though, I don’t find myself filled with anticipation for what’s to come. The conflict in this storyline’s been fun, but it took on a slightly tired ‘old news’ feel this week.

Mustache misstep?
Victor’s internal upset over Nikki marrying Jack may have caused him to make a rare miscalculation. He’s been giving Sharon more power at Newman, and has now made her his wife to boot. Additionally, he’s not paid close enough attention to Sharon’s mental state. Now that he’s disappeared, presumably to nurse his wounded heart, a humiliated, going-off-the-deep-end Sharon could do a significant amount of damage. Hmm.

Shaky Sharon.
We’ve seen Sharon go around the bend before, but viewers seem more bothered by it this time. Why? Perhaps it’s because this time she hooked-up with her children’s grandfather – definitely extreme – or that her run-ins with others have put her in a more unfavorable light (the clash with Abby in Crimson Lights was positively icky), but I also think it’s because this time, whether intentional or not, there is a disconnect between Sharon and viewers. Not being privy to her thoughts, private agonizing, tears, disappointment, doubts etc. makes a big difference.

Baby blahs.
Adam and Chelsea’s sudden babymania was cute for the first two seconds, after which it became inane and unbearable.