readers, it looks like actor Shemar Moore, who once romanced various Genoa City women as Malcolm Winters, has a crush of his own!

During a recent appearance on The Ellen Degeneres Show, it seems Ellen asked the single heartthrob who she could set him up with and if he had a ‘type’! As it turns out, the former Y&R hottie had a very sure answer! It seems that he has long harbored some puppy love for “Friends” actress, Jennifer Aniston!

An excited Ellen told Shemar, who now stars on “Criminal Minds,” that Jennifer is a personal friend of hers, and that she would definitely bring it to her attention! wishes Shemar best of luck in the romance department – may his ‘cupid’ Ellen have success in helping him hook up with Jen! What a gorgeous couple they would be! Want a blast from the past? Check out this hot video!