Restless Rant
Week of June 18 – 22:

Monday – Operation Destroy The Red-Headed Shrew.
Well, Ricky succeeded in making Paul look paranoid, but Paul didn’t back off or question his instincts, which was satisfying. Nick and Victor had a father/son moment in the stable, which felt very genuine. Nick told Victor he blames Daisy for the miscarriage, which means it’s curtains for Daisy now that she’s in Victor’s crosshairs. Lauren also heard the news about Daisy, and not wanting to be left off the suspect list, hurried off to purchase another gun. I love that Phyllis and Lauren have restored their friendship – wonder if it would survive the revelation that Phyllis was the driver in Paul’s hit-and-run. Avery and Heather also had a girl chat today, and Daisy overheard just enough of their conversation with Michael to allow her to connect the dots later and pinpoint Phyllis as the hit-and-run driver of legend. Elsewhere, Nikki and Sharon cooled their heels in prison, and on Victor’s orders, tried to work things out. Though there is past history between them that could have made these scenes deep, the fact that Sharon was defending sleeping with Victor gave it a ludicrous feel. The episode ended with Daisy turning the tables on Phyllis, who thought she finally had her daughter-in-law on the ropes (good stuff!), and Paul calling Christine to dig into Ricky’s past – loved Christine gravely warning him he may not like what she finds. From bug to badass!

Tuesday – It Was An Accident.
So, Phyllis told Daniel how the situation with Paul and Christine went down all those years ago, Daniel seemed to accept it, and they plotted to get rid of Daisy for good. Who else smells a ‘whodunit’? Meanwhile, the creepiest guy in town, Ricky, watched and listened to his father tell his sister to take out a restraining order on him. I’m surprised Paul didn’t order the apartment swept for bugs after learning Ricky had been in it! Over at Crimson Lights, Genevieve learned that her account password had been changed, and we later saw someone with pink fingernails putting money in a cashbox – which means someone other than Colin is involved. Any ideas? Daisy showed up at the coffee house to tell Kevin that Daniel and Phyllis were seeing things her way, and he started talking about his website needing investors. Like Daisy cared. At Gloworm, Tucker inexplicably put the moves on Harmony and waxed eloquent about how much he loves women. This had such an ‘ew’ factor so close to Ashley leaving him. Bad move. Later, Neil seemed surprised that Harmony wasn’t more impressed by what a peach he was for asking Devon to cut her some slack. Get over yourself, Neil. Tucker moved on to the Club, where he bailed out Genevieve as she was off to pawn the family jewels. Upstairs, Ricky asked Paul why he was out to get him, and Paul didn’t waiver. Good man. Back at Crimson Lights, Lauren went ‘Mama Bear’ on Daisy when she tried out her baby talk on NuFen. Rawr!

Wednesday – Dr. Evil.
Abby and Chloe went into crisis mode after they learned Angelina had cancelled plans to perform at the gala. I felt strangely disappointed at this news. Meanwhile, Daniel learned that Kevin had been suckered in by Daisy, and had even given her a job at the coffee house. All ramped up, he headed over to Phyllis’ penthouse wanting to know what the plan was to get rid of Daisy. Phyllis was less than impressed when he referred to her as ‘Dr. Evil’. Hilarious. Anyway, Nick showed up, and must have been wearing earplugs, because he failed to hear Daniel yelling about the hit-and-run. Yeesh. At the Club, Kay doled out some advice to Neil and Tucker – always good – and Adam reassured a nervous Chelsea she would do well on her GED. The ‘cute’ factor of this couple has hit nauseating heights a couple of times, which doesn’t seem true to the characters. In any case, Chelsea blurted that she loved Adam, who didn’t return the sentiment. Hmm. Sharon showed up and engaged in a snarkfest with her ex, which left her unsettled, so she returned with a CD from New Orleans and had another go at it. Chelsea found Sharon in the suite upon her return. Does anyone else wonder if Chelsea’s insecurities will cause her to relapse into her old ways? Out at the ranch, Nikki and Victor had a lover’s quarrel over their new relationships – silliness – and Sharon showed up looking for solace after Adam dissed her. Over at the gala, Harmony and ‘Mick’ scored some points with Devon by coming up with a replacement act for Angelina, who as it turns out, had been stolen away by Danny Romalotti. Too funny!