Restless Rant
Week of June 11 – 15:

Monday – Epic Fail.
The story picked up from Friday at Gloworm with Nick telling Sharon she seriously wasn’t welcome at the wedding, which had little to no effect. Victor ambled over to leer at Sharon in the sexy dress and gave his approval, which, for the first time in my eyes, reduced him from a powerful magnate to a silly old codger. As for Sharon, I’m all for her being stronger, gutsier, and more interesting, however she’s always been an intrinsically kind and understanding person, so for her to force her way into her ex’s wedding for no apparent reason other than to be obnoxious and piss people off, kind of messes with the integrity of the character. With all of that said, Sharon being at the wedding made for some very entertaining scenes. Later, at the penthouse, Nick’s quiet pain as he saw Phyllis off to the hospital was truly heartrending. Back at Gloworm, Noah quietly took charge, Avery played auntie, and NuSummer whined in true teenager fashion. First impression – NuSummer is a cutie with attitude, but I wish she looked more like her mother. Over at the Club, Lauren surprised Michael with NuFenmore, who we still need to get to know. At the ranch, Abby stood up to Victor, and then dropped into the Abbott manse to let Jack know his good luck streak was still going strong and she would still invest.

Tuesday – Missing.
Phyllis came home from the hospital, and told Nick about Daisy’s visit and Ricky’s tell-all tome. It continues to be fascinating to see Phyllis deal with coming up against people who are reminiscent of her former self. As you watch Daisy make constant missteps with Daniel, you realize just how like the ‘old Phyllis’ she really is. Over at the Club, it was notable that Heather addressed the issue of Michael’s sinister past by telling Paul she thought it was a plus that he understands the dark side of human nature. True! Paul then learned that Tim Reid was missing, and Heather told Ricky in no uncertain terms to vacate her apartment immediately, and that his finding a place to go was not her problem. It was at this exact moment that NuHeather won me over. Meanwhile, Nick and Phyllis called the kids and Katherine over and got married. It was understated and meaningful, but Phyllis in pajamas? Also developing today was Cane and Lily’s rising mistrust of Genevieve, who is supposedly penniless, but putting herself up lavishly at the Club.

Wednesday – Life Turns Around.
Today began with viewers finally getting a teeny (and I do mean teeny) glimpse into who Sarge is when he admitted it was a bad day for him, and Jack asked if it had to do with a woman. Sofia finished moving out of Neil’s place, so they shared an awkward, tense scene before he hightailed it over to Crimson Lights, where Super Harmony hangs out. Later, Neil campaigned for Devon to cut his mother some slack. He should cut her some slack, but not because Neil’s asking. Go ‘way Neil. Across town, Kevin agreed to do that illegal thing for Genevieve, which made him marginally more interesting again, until Chloe tattled to Cane and put an end to it. Adam and Chelsea did the kissy-face thing in their suite while studying – very cute, but nothing to write home about passion-wise.