Katherine faces Marge Young and Restless
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Katherine’s double in looks but not behavior.

Since Young and the Restless has run out of new episodes due to the current health crisis, they’re airing classic episodes, some of which might be unfamiliar to new viewers. Because of this, Soaps.com will attempt to keep our readers in the loop about some of the storylines you’re viewing. On Monday April 27, Young and the Restless aired a classic episode from 1990 where Katherine Chancellor came face-to-face with Marge Cotroke, her double. Here’s a little insight into that storyline which was a doozy. Marge was nothing like Katherine, which made the storyline so much more alluring since Jeanne Cooper did such an incredible job acting both parts.

Identity theft

Marge Cotroke made her first appearance in 1988. Rex Sterling’s (Quinn Redeker) ex-cellmate, Clint Radison (James Michael Gregary), discovered the Katherine Chancellor lookalike in a diner in a neighboring town and with two bumbling partners in crime, Morey and Lil brought her to Genoa City to pose as the wealthy Mrs. Chancellor in an effort to steal her fortune.

Esther & Kay kidnapped

Clint’s cohorts, Morey and Lil were hired on as a houseman and maid under the names of “Robert” and “Shirley,” who had a hand in helping Marge pass herself off as Kay, kidnapping Kay’s maid Esther captive.

Katherine was kidnapped by Marge and Marge replaced her and immediately sold Chancellor Industries, drove Rex away to the point where he filed for divorce against her. Katherine’s son Brock made a surprise appearance from India and with Katherine’s lawyer, Mitchell Sherman’s (William Wintersole) help, they discovered the ruse and rescued Kay and Esther.

Marge is released

Clint, Morey, and Li went to prison but Marge, who had gotten to know Katherine, and helped her to escape, was released.

A version of this article was originally written October 4, 2008 by Christine Fix and refreshed by the same writer, April 25, 2020.

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