Restless Rant
September 29 – October 3

It’s very interesting to note the changes in the fabric of the show as we begin to see the work of different writers. The plots are gaining depth, and becoming more intricate. I have more of a sense of not knowing exactly how things will play out – and I love that. It means there might be surprises, shocks, and conflicts – these are the elements that keep us tuning in day after day. I hadn’t realized how predictable the storylines and characters had been until they became less so – this is good change, and reminds me more of the Y&R of the Bill Bell era. That’s a big compliment! But of course, we live to rant about the show, so here we go!

No one does stress like Christian LeBlanc. “I don’t care if you were shoving flowers into gun barrels!” he roared at River in the episode where he went off on his father in the jail. I love how Michael wrestles to be rational and find patience within himself – only to completely snap! It’s my favorite. Of course, by week’s end, Michael had lost it again, this time on Eden, and wound up not only threatening to put her in foster care, but blurting out the truth about River’s circumstances! I love the ‘oh, crap’ look on Lauren’s face whenever Michael does something they both know he’s going to regret. I still don’t like the Eden character, but I get that the writers are trying to bring out some vulnerability in her via her talks with Lauren and her sensitivity where her father is concerned. Judging by the overwhelming support for the River character in our poll this week, it seems most fans are hoping he will be sprung from the slammer and get back into his family’s lives soon!

There’s nothing like having a heart to heart with your mother and having her tell you, “Who knows, maybe you and your husband will find love in a dirty diaper!” I get such a kick out of Esther, how could Chloe/Kate not love her?! As you’ll see in my interview with Kate Linder, I told her how much I admire the comic relief Esther brings to the scenes, and she told me that she loves playing it! Seriously though, it was nice to see Chloe and Esther open up to one another, even if Chloe has been so nasty that you feel she doesn’t quite deserve Esther’s kindness. I’m hoping we see the day where Chloe has to apologize to her mother, or bow down to her in some way. I know, I know, seems impossible!

It seems that my satisfaction with this character is fleeting. Just when it looked like she was going to be stronger and learn from her experiences, she becomes “The Meddler”. It’s such a disservice to ‘mother’ characters to have them relegated to spending all of their time interfering in the lives of their grown children, and in Nikki’s case, their ex-husband’s life! I have ongoing frustration with the character of Nikki, who is forever taking one step forward and two steps back!

Nick/Phyllis/Sharon/Jack: There’s obviously a shake-up in the works for these four! Nick is becoming way too much of a marshmallow for his wife’s taste, Phyllis is feeling insecure as she senses that Sharon still has feelings for Nick, Sharon is having feelings for Nick and doubting Jack, and Jack is focusing far more on revenge plots and takeovers than on his beautiful wife. As of Friday, Jack will see a hug between Nick and Sharon, and will no doubt beat a path to Phyllis’s door to tell her about it. Phyllis has let her insecurities get the best of her and lashed out in print at Sharon, which will only serve to create more conflict with Nick. Sharon is bound to find out what Jack has been up to, which she won’t like – it’s all gonna’ blow up I’d say! On my nerves is Nick having to be physically present every time Noah wants to ask a question. “Can I go to the corner store?” “Just wait, we’ll have to talk about this together – and not over the phone!” This is a little unrealistic, but mostly I dislike it because it is transparently serving to further a plot point. I prefer that the writer’s hide their agenda a little better – it’s a writer thing. The one exception, however, was the scenario with the party, given what happened with Cassie, this would have been extenuating circumstances, and very stressful for both Nick and Sharon!