Restless Rant
Week of May 28 – June 1:

Well, the Memorial Day holiday made it a short week for “Y&R,” so the Rant begins on Tuesday with Jack’s pool party…

Tuesday – A Good Man.
Jack decided to throw an impromptu pool party with Abby acting as co-hostess. I’m missing Abby having her own stuff going on – since when has she been into familial hand-holding? Anyway, Nikki soon got in on the action, and the rest of the invitees made for a rather motley crew as Daisy managed to tag along, and Eden showed up with Kyle, only to end up asking her ex, Noah, to move in with her! We really could use some clarification on what happened between these two in Paris – even if one of them had a flashback it would make viewers feel included in what they’re feeling/not feeling. Harmony had a frustrating day, first stumbling into Crimson Lights when Ashley was there (awkward!) and getting her hand-slapped by Devon, and later accepting Sarge’s invitation to a pool party, only to wind up with egg on her face when she had to confess why she wouldn’t exactly be welcome at the Abbott pad. I couldn’t help wondering why she doesn’t just leave town, but then remembered that she’s back living at the swanky Chancellor estate – guess there are worse places to stick it out. In other news, Ricky, fresh from creeping his own father out by showing up at Jimmy’s in place of Craig the informant, blackmailed Daisy into getting him access to Phyllis’ penthouse. Across town at the Club, Danny and Christine shed their goody-two-shoes reputations and indulged in some hot sex in the afternoon! How great was it when they came downstairs all rumpled and flushed afterward, only to find Phyllis and Paul, of all people, gawking at them! Perfection.

Wednesday – No Way In Hell.
As the Abbott pool party continued, Nikki informed Jack that since Victor, aka, the King of the World, was aware of their engagement, they could now proceed. Jack may think paralysis is his only problem, but he’s also as blind as Adam in the garden shed if he can’t see that Nikki is obsessed with Victor! The best point of the day was made by Kyle, who asked Jack, “What’s the rush?” Meanwhile, Eden convinced Noah to move in and they went to the apartment where they had a run-in with Ricky and Noah flexed a little, ahem, muscle. Ricky didn’t exactly seem to be shaking in his boots. Earlier, Ricky found Dr. Tim Reid’s card at Phyllis’s apartment and was eager to look him up. Who else would expect to get confidential information from a psychiatrist but Ricky? The flaw in this storyline is that while Paul is putting the pieces together about Ricky at warp speed, cunning, suspicious, master-manipulator Phyllis is barely registering him on her radar, and Daisy, who appears to have lost her super-psycho powers when she married Daniel, is letting Ricky walk all over her. It doesn’t ring true. Both of these women should be one step ahead of Ricky and two steps ahead of Paul. Don’t get me wrong, I love the storyline with the past coming back, but not all aspects have been entirely believable. Anyway, it was a nice nod to the past, and quite amusing, to have Phyllis, Paul, Danny, and Christine sitting at the same table in the Club – loved it.