Restless Rant
Week of May 21 – 25:

Monday – You Can Do Anything.
Things kicked off with Jack pressuring Nikki to accept his marriage proposal, while assuring her he wasn’t pressuring her – oh, Jackie, you do come across as desperate at times. At the ranch, Sharon was so wildly attracted to Victor that she fell asleep on the sofa mid-conversation. Over at Crimson Lights, Ricky thought he was playing Christine to get info on Phyllis, but savvy Christine has his number, as she later told Paul. I loved the scenes with Danny and Daniel, but couldn’t believe Danny’s advice to stay in the marriage. Blah. Daisy and Eden had a run-in at the bookstore – Eden certainly isn’t popular with other chicks her age – she needs a gal pal! At the Club, Paul apologized for yet another insane family member’s actions when he ran into Phyllis. Ricky, meanwhile, learned that Paul’s been asking questions – uh oh – Ricky makes my skin crawl.

Tuesday – Fairytale Land.
While word spread around town that Genevieve was being investigated, Nick was out at the ranch attempting to dial Sharon back in to reality – of course your kids don’t want you dating their grandfather! I don’t get where Sharon is coming from at all right now – is she all about her kids or herself? Over at the Abbott house, Jack filled Nikki in on the good news about his lawsuit going forward, and she immediately thought of Victor. If Jack sneezes she thinks of Victor… Meanwhile, tough-as-nails Christine paid Cane a visit and threatened him with deportation if he refused to rat out his mother – good grief.

Wednesday – Roll With It.
Who else thinks Noah’s inexplicably casual attitude about Sharon and Victor was for the benefit of viewers who are upset over the pairing? If Noah can be chill about it… Anyway, I love that Noah’s back – it will be interesting to see how he fits with the SORAS gang in Genoa City this summer. Elsewhere, Sharon headed to the Club just in time to see Adam and Chelsea share a smooch. To steal Adam’s line, “Awkward!” Over at Neil’s place, after a stern talking-to by Katherine, he decided he would deign to recommit to Sofia, who had news for him – she’s divorcing his philandering butt! Loved it! Meanwhile, at Crimson Lights, self-righteous boy, aka, Devon, told Harmony he can’t love her back right now. Talk about over-the-top.