Restless Rant
Week of May 7 – 11:

There’s a bit of a shadow over “Y&R” going into this week. It’s getting a tad weird, and suddenly it’s not as recognizable, as many favorite characters are only being seen in fits and spurts, perhaps due to the increased cast size. It’s frustrating to see potential storylines with the likes of Gloria and Jeffrey, or Chloe and Abby, dangled before us once every couple of weeks and then go missing again.

Monday – It’s A Blueberry!
Today, Victor and Sharon kissed twice. Here’s what’s up – a woman being attracted to a powerful older man like Newman is nothing new or extraordinary, but in this case, she’s been married to both of his sons and her children call him ‘Grandpa’, so it’s just a place most women would never go. Further, Sharon is supposed to be stronger and more self-assured than ever, yet this is coming across as though she’s hit bottom and has nothing left to lose. Elsewhere, Ashley told Jack about Genevieve and Tucker’s hidden past. If we’d seen Gen and Tucker discuss their past when she first arrived on the scene, it might make more sense, but honestly, there was no good reason for them to keep it secret! Silly. The Nikki/Jack angst tugged at my heartstrings, even though I don’t really believe Jack will put his son ahead of his own desires in the end. As for Kyle, his hook-up with Eden actually made her interesting for a brief time. While I’m uncomfortable with the SORASing of the character, NuKyle brings a certain flavor to his scenes. Bravo for Sofia having the guts to get the straight poop from Neil on his feelings for Harmony, but the minute he admitted it, she should have kicked him definitively to the curb. Phyllis and Nick checked into the hospital for a false alarm crisis. I have to admit that Nick was cute with his ‘blueberry’ talk – made me smile. Over at McCall, poor Ashley walked in on Tucker and Harmony in the sack. I was as shocked as Ashley at the turn of events! I say do away with spoilers – this would have had ten times less impact if viewers had known it was coming. Well done!

Tuesday – Smacked Across The Face.
Still stunned by Tucker’s actions, I was really able to feel Ashley’s pain and confusion in this episode. I also felt for Tucker, who was clearly appalled with himself and feeling desperate. Bravo to Mrs. C for throwing Harmony out of the house! Meanwhile, unaware of Harmony’s romp, Neil confessed his lady troubles to Devon, who disappointingly, didn’t call out the serial philanderer to the degree I would have liked. Across town, Nikki found Sharon and Victor together at the ranch and reacted as expected. Victor took it to the playground level by taunting, “Say hello to Jack Abbott!” I’ll tell you what; anyone who gets willingly involved in Nikki and Victor’s emotional games deserves what they get.

Wednesday – Slinging Mud.
Another member of the ‘Guilty Absentee Father Club’ resurfaced today, as Paul met Ricky for a chat, which went exactly how you’d expect – Ricky tried to manipulate him. Kudos to Paul for catching on immediately. Later this week, Eden also finally clued in that she’s been cohabitating with a psycho, and gave him the boot. I had to admire her. At the penthouse, Phyllis awkwardly told Avery her good news as they plod their way toward being something resembling normal sisters. Daniel returned, and seemingly had a lobotomy while he was away, because he proposed to Daisy. Daniel has always been a grassroots guy with integrity – he’d never do it this way.