Restless Rant
Week of April 30 – May 4:

Here’s your breakdown of the past week on “Y&R!”

MondayOnly For You.
Sharon had a bad day, as she learned that Adam was connecting with Chelsea, and that Nick was engaged to Phyllis. Nick’s been seeing Phyllis again for quite some time, so I didn’t entirely understand Sharon’s reaction to the engagement announcement. Vikki and Billy’s parenting scenes were cute, especially with Reed. I wish J.T. and family would return. Tough talkin’ Kyle was getting old by the episode’s end – he needs to exhibit some vulnerability ASAP. Jack’s visit to Victor’s office had him leaving looking like a fool, as usual. Sigh. After her run-in with Ricky, and attempt to apologize to Phyllis, I felt for Avery – sucks not to be able to undo something you regret, such as freeing a psycho from jail. Abby being cast in the role of advisor to Jack and Kyle was odd – what happened to being a brat?

TuesdayThe Broads And The Bucks.
Avery should have refused Victor’s job offer. Michael encouraging her to take the position was questionable – it goes to show how ‘addicted’ to Victor he’s become. Lauren unleashing her wrath on Victor was top-notch viewing – not that he gave a hoot that she resigned from the board – still it’s always nice to see someone get in his face. Elsewhere, Nikki tried reasoning with Kyle. I would have liked to see her get a little indignant – remind him that Diane tried to stick her with a syringe or something. As for the Kyle/Eden connection – not really seeing sparks – Eden’s pretty dull. Best of the episode – Carmine being hired at Gloworm. It was positively scary how in sync I was with Gloria’s thinking! It was entertaining to see how much Kevin hated the idea of him working there, and I like the idea of Carmine being in Chloe and Abby’s orbit. Also great was the fact that Jeffrey found out Carmine’s more than a pretty face (and a nice butt), and will try to use it to his advantage. Fun!

WednesdayConflict Of Interest.
I got a kick out of seeing Adam and Kyle meet up – like looking in a mirror! Kyle even has some of the same mannerisms as Adam – could he be the Black Knight’s son after all? Nick got pissed at Victor over firing Michael for all of thirty seconds – this was one of those times I wish Nick was less wishy-washy and would really take a stand.