Restless Rant
Week of September 22 – 26

Things picked up quite a bit this week in Genoa City! Daniel’s ‘sketchy’ art show was fast-paced and full of great dynamics between the different characters, Michael ‘Ball Of Stress’ Baldwin got one shock after another, and the Mustache wound up in a rare, weakened state! Plenty to rant and rave about this time around – here goes…

Billy/Amber/Daniel/Colleen/Lily: Where to start? Even though the idea that Daniel’s sketches would warrant a showing in New York City was totally unbelievable, it was amazing to see these characters interacting someplace different – two thumbs up! Billy, much to Daniel’s chagrin, stole the limelight somewhat with his Cheshire cat grin and bad boy charm. Daniel sure wrestled to remain unaffected by ‘Liam’, but he failed miserably – he so obviously loves Amber. Colleen, meanwhile, is playing a losing game – and everyone knows it but her! What I’m seeing is that, for Colleen, this has become more about one-upping Amber than about actually having feelings for Daniel. Even Lily can see that Colleen is making a fool of herself – I was digging Lily’s obvious irritation with her BFF – and by the way, don’t you think ‘Drinking Lily’ is the best version of herself ever?! Did I mention yet that I love Billy? He’s going to cause so much upheaval – and be totally gorgeous doing it! Yay! Fabulous casting! Bravo!

Michael/River/Eden/Lauren: I know everyone is waiting to see what I say about Eden, so here it is – she has got to be the most unpopular new character (with fans) in recent memory! From the minute Michael opened the door to his new sis, she was cringingly belligerent and rude. She was even mean to poor Noah, who has nothing to do with her father going to jail! Are we supposed to buy this? That River, the dulcet-toned, peace-loving guru, raised this creature? In an Ashram? Something is seriously off with this character. I think maybe they’ve tried to write her in such a way that we can draw similarities between her and the ever-grumpy Michael, but there is no logical reason she would behave like Michael – she’d be a product of her environment – right? Moving on, Michael’s evolving feelings for River are being written wonderfully – and who does conflicted emotions better than Cristian LeBlanc? As for Lauren, I would still like to see her get something to do besides hand-hold and run interference for this dysfunctional family. Please.

Gloria/Jeffrey: So we’re back to him threatening to turn her in?! Please, no! Say it isn’t so! This has got to be resolved! As for Jeffrey calling the Feds on River – I loved it! I thought his jealousy and nasty behavior was just right for the character – and was a great catalyst for the evolving drama with Lowell/River and his family. Michael confronting Jeffrey was great too, but I missed Kevin’s comic relief in this scene. Oh, and Gloria’s shock at discovering Eden’s existence was right on too! She was actually speechless, sort of.

The Victor Situation: I’m sure Sabrina fans loved the ghost/dream scenes with her and Victor, but I found them corny and predictable. Does this sort of thing have to happen every time someone dies on a Soap? Yeesh! I loved the gentle Nick rushing to his father’s aid though – he really is a sweetie. The whole thing in the hospital bugged me too – Nikki was awfully snarky and outspoken for someone who really should be staying away – Paul was bang on when he told her it might be time to back off! Ya’ think? On the whole, I’m waiting for further clarification on what happened in Mexico, because I can’t get a grasp on where Victor is coming from. He’s an extremely strong individual, and to think that he is deliberately letting himself become weak to the point of being at the mercy of others, is frankly, bizarre.

Sharon/Phyllis: I’m settling in now with the renewed animosity between this pair. At least they were able to agree that what’s happening with Victor is unfortunate! Phyllis’s insecurities are showing after the ‘letter’ – she’s really determined to keep tabs on Sharon and her marriage. But oddly, she almost seems like she is trying to escalate the issues between Jack and Sharon, which I don’t quite understand. Sharon’s insecurities are also showing – she wasted no time in assuring the doubtful Phyllis that her marriage was fine, and that it is going to last – even though doubt was written all over her own visage! I felt Sharon’s anger toward Jack though, when she made that phone call – the embarrassment of having to have Phyllis tell her that Jack isn’t where he said he was! I’d be kicking his butt too! As for Jack, where Sharon’s concerned, I’m not liking him one bit for going behind her back! Slimy! How quickly he has forgotten his promises!