Restless Rant
Week of April 16 – 20:

There was lots of action this past week in Genoa City. Here’s the breakdown:

Musical beds.
The musical beds bit with Nikki/Jack/Victor/Genevieve was a real whirlwind. It’s great to know that they can be as active as teenagers in the bedroom, but it’s hard to believe that four people with so much life experience would all act so impulsively. Hopping into the sack with The Mustache did nothing to help Genevieve’s cause – why didn’t she sell to Tucker? Why did she have to sleep with Victor in order to sell him the company? As for Jack, why does he hook up with Nikki knowing full well he’s her second choice? It’s a bit sad. On another note, thanks to Jack for clearing up the speculation about his, er, capabilities, when he told Billy that his legs don’t work, but all his other body parts work just fine. Hysterical!

Beauty of Nature.
Victor busting into Baby John’s welcome home party was boorish, but typical. What I can’t understand is why Nick and Sharon didn’t tell him to go kick rocks when he informed them they would be reporting to Genevieve.

Uncle Adam.
Seeing the ‘good side’ of Adam explored has been a trip to the land of warm fuzzies; watching him forging a friendship with Chelsea, accepting accolades from those who have shunned him – even holding the baby he saved. Heck, many viewers have fingers and toes crossed in hopes that he’ll do the seemingly impossible and bond with his siblings – even one sibling would be fine. Yet, somehow we can’t help wondering when his volatility might resurface; when something might set him off, or some misunderstanding will mess it all up. That hideous, delicious tension is in play every time he’s onscreen. You just never know, and that’s what makes the character so watchable. By the way, the scene in the Athletic Club when Nick, Sharon, and a smirking Phyllis sidled up to Adam to grill him about rescuing Chelsea was probably my favorite of the week – couldn’t wipe the grin off my face throughout.

Mad at dad.
It’s all fine and good for Victoria to be ecstatic about the baby, but must she lose her mind completely? It was unbelievable to hear her tell Billy they shouldn’t stay mad at Victor because even though he plotted to destroy their relationship, they wouldn’t have the baby if he hadn’t done it! Say what?

Chloe crisis.
It will be entertaining to have Chloe butting heads with Abby while co-chairing the gala, but since when has there been so much animosity between them? It seemed ‘out-of-the-blue’. Also, in what universe would Chloe agree to move into that musty-fusty house Kevin had shared with Angelina? Here’s hoping Abby and Chloe wind up in a triangle with Carmine – he may not be perfect, but he has chemistry with both of them, so I say bring it on.