Restless Rant
Week of April 2 – 6:

“Y&R” was pretty good this week – but not sensational. The business-oriented stories have their intriguing moments, but aren’t so thrilling when played so heavily. More ‘warm fuzzy’ moments or romantic interludes would have balanced things out. Also, disjointed storytelling seems to be featuring again, with characters/storylines abruptly going missing in action for multiple days or longer.

Don’t forget we’re still married…
As much as Jeffrey may belong with his ‘Honey Bunny’, and delivers some of the best one-liners on the show, he’s also capable of being a huge jerk. We were hit over the head with that fact this week, when he refused to acknowledge Chelsea as his daughter, and when we learned he is married to Anita! While I relish Gloria’s reaction to this news, I also feel protective of her this time around. This storyline could prove to be a far-fetched disaster, or be quite entertaining. Waiting to see…

Beauty of Nature.
The story of Genevieve and her company has taken some interesting turns, and made for some excellent scenes. The problem is, many viewers simply don’t care much who ends up with Beauty of Nature. I’m not sure who will wind up with the company, but my guess is that Jack has blown it by sounding off to Nikki. Things never seem to go his way – I’d think twice about the risky surgery if I were him! Victor will probably come out on top as usual, and will put Nicholas and Sharon in charge. Who do you think should own Beauty of Nature? Vote in’s Beauty of Nature poll.

Old Chloe, Meet Old Victoria.
The friendship between Chloe and Victoria, though unexpected, continues to work. I wish Victoria had told Chloe she and Kevin are better as friends before she married him, but hey, we can’t have it all. It was entertaining watching Chloe and Victoria decide how to deal with Carmine, who shared more electricity with Chloe inside of 10 seconds than she and her husband ever have. I’m fine with Carmine sticking around. Victoria, meanwhile, has just been all over the place. She’s gone from nearly declining to work with Gen because of not wanting to compete with Victor, to deciding to buy the company out from under him within a couple of weeks. She hates the way Victor controls people, yet she’s shown signs of the same behavior toward Chelsea – to the point where Chelsea lashed out and left. Victoria is disgusted with her father for blatantly and unapologetically trying to destroy her relationship more than once, and yet she runs straight to him asking for help! It’s tough to get a handle on where she’s coming from!