Restless Rant
Week of March 26 – 30:

Let the good times roll.
There were some fabulous little scenes throughout the double proposal/wedding, though some of it felt corny or just didn’t work. It was disappointing when Angelina and Daniel’s big plan turned out to be luring Kevin and Chloe into the office to talk – lame! Ultimately, I love a good “Y&R” gathering – here are some highlights: Jeffrey in the dumpster hollering for his Honey Bunny (and Jill finding him); Gloria selecting the honeymoon dress to wear at the wedding (to Lauren and Jill’s dismay); Jill filling Katherine in on the events of the day, Phyllis being summoned directly from the gym wearing yoga gear; Jill being Jeff’s ‘best man’; cute Delia; Katherine’s ‘condensed’ vows; and Chelsea crashing the wedding with her news. Carmine showing up when he did was overkill – it robbed Chelsea’s reveal of its drama and made the end of the episode seem silly. The biggest issue with the proposal/wedding was that Kevin and Chloe remained chemistry-free throughout – even Victoria and Delia’s over-the-top enthusiasm for the pairing doesn’t sell it. Think of how it felt when Kevin married Jana – huge difference.

Good goodbye?
I don’t even know what to say about the end of Angelina and Angelo’s storyline. Everyone making amends with this pair and bidding them farewell like old friends was just bizarre! Of course, as noted last week, Angelina grew on some of us slightly – I wouldn’t even mind seeing her return if she could split up Kevin and Chloe.

Music to my ears.
The Tucker and Devon dynamic continues to work well – loving the studio scenes! It was so jarring when Tucker suddenly lashed out at Sofia, especially since he’s been all hearts and peace signs lately. Whatever they’re up to with the staged disagreement, I’m intrigued. This nonsense with Harmony hanging off Neil right in front of his wife needs to stop though. Sofia needs to get up in her face the next time – not that Neil’s ego needs feeding, but I’d like to see it.

Awkward run-ins.
The Sharon/Nick/Phyllis/Adam/Chelsea stuff played out like a bit of a dance this week. Keeping Sharon and Adam within each other’s orbits, while teasing their relationships with others is effective. Notably, Phyllis held it together when Nick called to say his flight was cancelled, and when he did return, she let him be there for her – different for her. As for Sharon and Nick, their Rubik’s Cube banter in Japan was just okay to watch – felt like they were truly ‘stuck on standby’. Adam and Chelsea’s friendship is appealing, but it feels stalled in ‘daddy bashing’ mode. They need more to talk about.